Jun 29, 2021

HP Elite Slice G2 with Microsoft Teams Rooms Blog

by Olivia Silcox

Very often we hear from our customers that they want something simple, reliable, and secure. The Slice ticks these boxes and would be a stand out option. Whilst it does sit at the top end of the price range, the user can expect to see a good return on this – it has the latest in security with HP giving it the enviable title of ‘the world’s most secure conferencing device’ praise indeed! This, along with its tamper-proof design makes it a winner for companies who have security at the front of their minds.

Customers tell us that they need a conference system which is simple, reliable, and secure. The Slice ticks these boxes and is a stand out option for users looking to upgrade their meeting room so it can stand up to all of the challenges of a modern workplace.  

The user can expect to see a good return on their investment – it has the latest in security with a world first self-healing BIOS. This, along with its tamper-proof design makes it a winner for companies who consider security to be a top priority. The G2 Slice also has completely Microsoft Teams Rooms-certified audio, which means the user will not have to compromise on the quality or security of their collaboration platform if they are one of the majority who trust Microsoft Teams with their meetings. 


The Slice can be paired with any of HP’s third party partners - these include Logitech, Jabra, Biamp, Bose, Extron, and Avocor. This will be great for those who want to avoid refitting their entire estate and already have these brands in-house. It’s also got a really nifty modular design so lends itself to scalability – perfect in today’s climate where meeting rooms are subject to change!  

There is a device within the range to meet all needs; the audio-ready Slice would make a good addition to any conference table and the 360-degree audio range means that everyone will feel part of the experience. For those who want to keep the table clear, or already have a speakerphone in place, there is a Slice which can be neatly fitted behind the display unit or under the desk and kept out of sight. 

Whilst the Slice is sophisticated enough to keep the most tech-savvy user engaged, its highly evolved one-touch start function will also appeal to those who value simplicity. Last but not least, the display panel is a thing of beauty – it has a 12.3” display which is larger than most things on the market at the moment. As well as being aesthetically pleasing is functional when it comes to the accessibility of all users.  

It’s great to see two giants in the meeting room space collaborate to bring us the Microsoft Teams-compatible HP Slice making such a strong addition to our Modern Workplace offerings! 

What steps have you taken to prepare your modern workplace? If you think the HP Slice G2 would be a suitable fit for your business, Bechtle have availability within our loan pool for you to try in your space! 

written by

Olivia Silcox
Modern Workplace Solutions Expert


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Published on Jun 29, 2021.