Apr 16, 2021

The Modern Way to Work with Microsoft Surface

by Tori West

Microsoft’s April announcement truly completes their Modern Workplace offering and brings a few new products and a few updates. Something that I think we can all look forward to is Microsoft’s announcement that they will have adopted an AMD option for their new Surface Laptop 4.

written by

Tori West
Modern Workplace Business Development Manager

E-Mail: tori.west@bechtle.com

Surface Laptop 4: As with the previous Laptop 3, the device comes in 2 sizes, 13.5” and 15” and as mentioned comes with the option for either 11th generation Intel Core or the AMD Ryzen mobile processor inside either size. The laptop 4 is set to be available from 27th April in the UK.


The new peripherals announced by Microsoft Surface in April shows a further push into the business user space are focussed on those who are finding themselves communication virtually more and more.


Firstly, we’ll start with the new Microsoft Headsets:

Microsoft Modern USB Headset: This is an on-ear headset with a USB-A connection which, as you would imagine, is certified for Microsoft Teams, although we are still awaiting UK pricing, the devices will start shipping in select markets starting in June.

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset: another on ear design however, this device has the added detail of a flip-to-mute- microphone and on ear controls. Shipping in select markets from June, this certified for Microsoft Teams headset, provides up to 30 hours of talk time on a Teams call or up to 50 hours of music listening time. This headset has a USB-A dongle and Bluetooth capability. Compatible for Windows, Mac, android, and iOS.

Moving on to business enabled tools, Microsoft have announced two products to enable a modern way of working.

Microsoft Modern Webcam: This 1080p camera has an integrated privacy shutter delivers facial retouch and fixed light adjustment. This is a with a USB-A connection and has an impressive 78-degree field of view.

Microsoft Modern USB-C speaker: This is your workday audio companion for better calls and music. Again, this device is certified for Microsoft Teams and provides a status light for you to see clearly if you can be heard on a call. The device has background noise-reducing microphone and voice optimised speakers. This is a USB-C connected device.

Surface Headphones 2+: building on the success of the Surface Headphones, Microsoft have offered their improved Surface Headphones 2+, These devices have 13 levels of active noise cancellation and as with the previous iterations are an over ear fit. This device has 15 hours of voice calling time. And speaking as a user of the Surface Headphones – they never let me down!

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Published on Apr 16, 2021.