Jan 17, 2022

Bechtle - Managed Meraki Service

by Niamh Burgess-Smith

As you prepare for new hybrid working arrangements, you want to spend your time focusing on the business, not managing your IT estate. And that’s exactly what you can achieve with our new Managed Meraki Service.

Simplify your IT with Bechtle’s new Managed Meraki Service


As you prepare for new hybrid working arrangements, you want to spend your time focusing on the business, not managing your IT estate. And that’s exactly what you can achieve with our new Managed Meraki Service.


The advantages of a professionally managed service


Lots of businesses know they need to improve their IT and networking capabilities in order to realise business ambitions. But after the impact of the pandemic, budgets are tight and there is pressure to save on costs and push for greater value from IT spend. Many IT teams are trapped by constant troubleshooting in order to support remote workers and branches, and this means they don’t have time to tackle strategic projects that take the business forward. Bechtle’s Managed Meraki Service sweeps away all these problems and introduces new capabilities to support your business.


We’re with you every day

By opting for our Managed Meraki Service, effectively we will take over the proactive management of your network. This frees up your IT team to refocus their input where the business needs it. You can have confidence that Bechtle is consistently monitoring the health of your network and reacting accordingly, optimising access points, ensuring workers can have reliable access and ensuring a positive user experience backed up with a managed service level agreement. This is particularly useful for businesses that rely on branch offices or for retailers with multiple stores, where there are no admins at these locations.  


Optimise your IT spend

Another positive aspect of our Managed Meraki Service is the value and flexibility it offers. The service is scaled to meet your requirements, and you only pay for what you use.


What makes Meraki special?

Although we’re taking care of your network, it’s worth knowing a bit about the technology we use. Meraki’s cloud-managed solution is designed for today’s modern workplace, unifying key aspects of IT in a single platform. It defends against advanced security threats to protect your users, data and devices - regardless of location, network or application.


It gives you the advantage of Wi-Fi 6, not only guaranteeing your workers speed and reliability online as they return to the office, but also enabling you to create new digital experiences by offering more powerful connections. It ensures you’re equipped to handle the increasing demands of multiple devices, including IoT devices, so you can capitalise on IoT technology – something that’s also part of the Meraki ecosystem.


This is another reason why we believe in Meraki and offer a Managed Meraki Service. It’s forward-looking technology, so it’s always ready for what your business wants to do next. We know businesses are transforming to overcome the challenges of remote/hybrid working and to realise the full potential of digital experiences. Meraki’s cloud-managed solution provides more than infrastructure. It enables IT to integrate more closely with your business processes, giving you the potential to get greater value from your network. For example, Meraki’s technology can improve the employee experience at home and in the office, take collaboration to new levels and create new customer experiences. It can even gather data that reveals insights about your business and powers better decision-making.


Hand over your headaches and focus on the big picture

If you’ve been imagining what you could achieve with a high-performance network, get there faster with our Managed Meraki Service. You can move away from troubleshooting and get back to working on strategic projects overnight. If you’ve been struggling with skills gaps, consider them filled. That’s the power of letting us manage.

Bechtle was one of the UK’s first partners to achieve Cisco’s Gold Provider status. It means we offer the full lifecycle of services to help you maximise the benefits of Meraki technology, this incapsulates the design, implementation and support of your Meraki Solution. We work closely with our customers to customise our Managed Meraki Service to suit their exact needs.


Speak to one of our team to organise a Meraki Demo and find the best solution for you.

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Niamh Burgess-Smith
Business Solutions


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This post was published on Jan 17, 2022.