Nov 12, 2021

Can your business function without internet?

by Niamh Burgess-Smith

June 2021 saw an internet outage caused by a failure in a content delivery network (CDN), taking down thousands of websites in multiple countries. The interruption was relatively brief, but nevertheless it halted millions of pounds in revenue for corporations including the likes of Amazon and Boots.

As a society, almost everything we do revolves around being connected to the internet. According to the ONS, 96% of households in Great Britain have access to the internet, and this translates into our businesses.

As companies continue to adopt digital transformation practices, the importance of maintaining high availability and non-stop connectivity continues to grow. This need to preserve connections to critical revenue sources, IoT devices and cloud-based applications places even more significance on a reliable Wide-Area Network (WAN), and a flexible network failover solution.


The importance of a seamless failover…

Organisations can reduce the risk of outages by building a strategy that includes cellular wireless connections as a network failover in instances where wired connections are damaged, or misconfigurations and service errors. Cellular WAN links provide an alternative connection to avoid disruption from internet downtime. By having the option for connecting to multiple carriers, the best available signal can be sourced and maintained during those disaster instances.


How can Bechtle support?

Bechtle Connect Anywhere is an all-in-one solution including a firewall, VPN setup, content filtering and IPS/IDS. Included within this solution is a Health Dashboard providing users the ability to track, analyse, and quantify failover events to uncover potential issues. A connection via a private and secure APN, to all networks within the UK is also included to ensure you can always be online during disaster events.


Solutions such as Connect Anywhere are already providing benefits to organisations who require internet access at short notice. A large, international jewellery retailer was able to utilise the concept of Bechtle’s Connect Anywhere solution when faced with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) strike whilst working towards tight deadlines for one of their new concept stores. Relying on 4G wireless connection to run their POS system and handle card transactions seamlessly from day one, the client avoided over $50,000 of lost sales and revenue.

So, can your business function without internet? The answer is YES, providing you have the right failover solution and plan in place. The internet is reliable, until its not…

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This post was published on Nov 12, 2021.