Jan 26, 2021

“Welcome to mobile security"

Android Enterprise Essentials offers a pragmatic approach

by James Lothian

The new shape of the world has made Mobile Device Management (MDM) even more relevant for all businesses, with the need to deliver a fully functional experience for users that work remotely, whilst maintaining control.

The primary goal of MDM is to protect user and client data.  A lot of solutions in this space are too expensive and complicated for medium and smaller businesses to gain true benefit from. This has led to a demand for a simple and straightforward solution that is cost effective!


To help meet this need, Google™ is launching Android Enterprise Essentials.  Primarily aimed at smaller organisations, the solution can also work for larger organisations who want a straightforward product with a simple feature set.


One of the most interesting areas of complexity reduction is at the start of the process.  Android Enterprise Essentials makes the overall setup process easier by eliminating the need to manually activate each device. And because the security policies are applied remotely, there is nothing the employees themselves must configure on their phones. Instead, businesses that want to use the new solution will just buy Android™ devices from a reseller to hand out or ship to employees with policies already in place.


The great takeaway here is we can deliver a fully functional, secure device direct to the end user, therefore saving time, maintaining a consistent secure posture and keeping the end user happy.


This is an approach set to combat the rise in cyber threats targeting home workers, who are viewed as separated from the safety of the herd.  We therefore need to make sure our security rests on firm and consistent foundations. Hence Android Enterprise Essentials covers the key vulnerability points, simply and out-of-the box:

  • Enforce Lock screen – Protect access to company data
  • Enforce Malware protection through Google Play Protect (in an always-on state)
  • Remote wipe


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Footnote: Google, Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC.

written by

James Lothian
Security Specialist


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Published on Jan 26, 2021.