Microsoft Global Price Increases for 2023

Microsoft have announced “price harmonisation” in 2023, meaning they will be making local currency pricing in line with US Dollar pricing.

While the focus of the announcement is on cloud pricing, on-premises software pricing will also be affected although Microsoft will consider “local and regional market dynamics including competition, business models, local currency rates and local inflation.”

Those with long-term contracts such as EAs will not be affected until renewal, or if new products are added.

SQL Server 2022 – Price Rises & Licensing Changes

SQL Server 2022 is now generally available however, there are a few licensing updates and changes to be aware of with SQL Server 2022 as well as a price increase:


Flexible Virtualisation Benefit

Both licenses with active SA and active subscriptions can now be deployed with any Authorized Outsourcer. However, don’t forget that License Mobility through Software Assurance rights still exist (via SA) which allow for putting software on the servers of an “Authorised Mobility Partner” – and the Listed Providers are eligible for this.

Further to this, when licensing SQL Server Standard or Enterprise by virtual OSE, if you have active SA you can run an unlimited number of containers containing SQL Server within that virtual OSE.


Machine Learning removal

Microsoft have removed the rights for SQL Server Enterprise customers to use:

  • Machine Learning for Window or Linux
  • Machine Learning Server for Hadoop


PAYG licensing

Enabled via Azure Arc, this new billing model enables organisations to pay for SQL Server on a monthly or hourly basis:

The servers must be connected to Azure Arc to use this option. For 2022, the Arc connection is a default part of the setup process while for SQL 2014 and above, it will be enabled via a capability within the Azure portal which is, according to Microsoft, coming soon. This seems to suggest that PAYG isn’t available with SQL 2012 or earlier which makes sense, given they’re all out of support.


New pricing

Microsoft have confirmed that SQL Server 2022 Standard, Enterprise, and Web pricing will increase by 10% from January 2023 – including public sector.