Software-Updates - Nov 8, 2021

A new kind of employee experience designed for the digital era - Microsoft Viva

by Maybelline Middleton

The employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights.

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Maybelline Middleton
Microsoft Business Development Manager


With more companies offering remote working, companies are now having to consider, more than ever, what they can do to ensure their employees feel connected, supported and able to bring their very best selves to the workplace in order to thrive in a hybrid world.

Microsoft have identified the need for an Employee Experience Platform (EXP). This platform is called Microsoft Viva and will be launching November this year.

So, what is an EXP? An EXP is a digital platform that puts people at the heart and brings together systems of work with systems of support into a combined employee experience. It provides employees with the resources and support, whilst also assisting them in identifying ways to balance wellbeing and productivity. 

In today’s world, maintaining culture with a higher proportion of your workforce working remotely can be a challenge. However, Microsoft Viva aims to enhance employee experience with digital tools to enable companies to remove barriers, and design experiences that truly matter to employees.   


Powered by Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva breaks down into 4 key modules.


The 4 key modules:

Viva Connections - employee engagement and internal communications. Keep everyone in your organisation informed with what’s going on across the organisation with an individually tailored feed.

Viva Insights - productivity and wellbeing. Insights shows you personalised recommendations to help you do your best work. For example, get insights for building improved work habits, protect your time and get reminders to take an occasional one-minute "breathing break."

Viva Topics - knowledge and expertise. Accelerate learning and innovation by making appropriate information easier to find. AI identifies and organises your organisations content, recognising common topics and generating topic pages and cards.

Viva Learning - AI allows for discovery as well as sharing of training courses. With a feature enabling managers to not only assign learning but track it as well, helping to maintain the learning culture. Content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn and your organisations own custom content is gathered all in one place.


Microsoft Viva is beneficial across industries. Whether you're looking for tools to assist with the employee onboarding process, a teacher looking for a hub to collate learning material, or an HR manager looking for ways in which to boost employee wellbeing, Microsoft Viva serves a purpose for you.

So, where do you begin? First, our Modern Workplace specialists can take you through a demo of the technology and showcase what is possible with Microsoft Viva. From this, we can help you identify any overlaps of existing systems and build out an adoption plan with clear use cases.

To find out more, feel free to reach out to our team.

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This post was published on Nov 8, 2021.