How is the NCE set to make changes for nonprofit organisations and educational institutions?



Simplified Procurement and Licensing



Nonprofits and educational institutions often face complex procurement processes and licensing agreements. The NCE aims to simplify this by offering a more straightforward and unified approach. It will enable organisations to procure, manage, and optimise their Microsoft subscriptions more efficiently. This means less time spent navigating licensing intricacies and more time focusing on their core missions.



Cost Optimisation and Budget Predictability



Budget constraints are a common challenge for nonprofits and educational institutions. NCE will provide clearer visibility into spending, allowing organisations to predict and manage costs more effectively. With greater control over their Microsoft subscriptions, they can allocate resources to other critical areas, such as enhancing educational programs or expanding charitable initiatives.


What are my options?


CSP as we know it for education and nonprofits will expire 31st December 2023, and so we urge customers to please get in contact as soon as possible to discuss migration to NCE. Microsoft will migrate ALL legacy CSP to NCE on annual commitment from 1st January 2024 if no action is taken. If you’re a Bechtle customer, please keep an eye out for emails from our software team regarding your ideal transition plan.

Renewals on the current CSP platform don’t exist, as licences just move from month to month. The main difference between CSP and NCE is the cancellation terms. With NCE renewals will need to be considered as you must commit to 30 days or annual commitment.

The monthly term is ideal for those customers who need term and seat-count flexibility. The annual term offers competitive pricing options for long-term customers.

The introduction of the NCE for nonprofits and education from 1st November 2023 within the Microsoft CSP program points to a new era for nonprofits and educational institutions with changes that empower organisations to focus on what matters most: delivering high-quality education and vital services to their communities. As we move forward, nonprofits and educational institutions should seize this opportunity to embrace NCE and unlock the full potential of Microsoft's solutions in their missions for a better future. Bechtle are dedicated to helping our customers choose the right solution and have a combined licencing experience of 60+ years, so you know you're in safe hands.