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Device-as-a-Service with Bechtle

Improve the IT efficiency within your business!


It started with print and software, now it’s here for your client devices too…


As times change, the world has shifted to an “As a Service” model in many areas of technology procurement. For example, print is now most commonly procured through a Managed Service, with usage and break/fix built into one predictable, recurring cost and software has moved to an ever-more subscription-based model where you can break down parts of a product suite to consume only what you actually are using.


Now, the time has come to incorporate this model into your client devices. This idea isn’t new, it’s tried and tested with our cars and phones, and it has actually been launched for clients previously under different banners. However, now it comes with a wraparound software piece that makes it something that must be considered in any client purchasing decision.


In today’s market, business faces key challenges around the provision of client devices, including:

  • Significant upfront financial investment
  • Efficient device provisioning
  • Management of a multi-vendor estate
  • Adherence to regulations concerning disposal, data destruction etc.

The Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering ties together some serious value-add elements for both the IT and Finance teams to take the headache away from managing your Client estate and keep your infrastructure fit for purpose and up to date. Choose whether you want to rollout your next hardware refresh as Capex or Opex depending on what suits your business.


An effective DaaS solution can resolve all of these issues, and more:

  • Provide PROACTIVE ANALYTICS* ensuring all of your devices are working to full capacity
  • Improve IT team EFFICIENCY
  • OPTIMISE YOUR SPEND on hardware and software
  • SYSTEM MONITORING on an individual or business wide level
  • Supports your EXSISTING ENVIRONMENT** 


Bechtle works with strategic manufacturers to design and implement the DaaS solution that suits your business, building a solution tailored to your specific needs and providing recognisable value.



Device as a Service with HP

Choose Device as a Service with HP and with Analytics and Proactive Management (APM) software as part of the package, allowing you to alleviate some of the struggles of managing fleets of Client devices from the IT team with the innovative Predictive Analytics packages.


The Proactive Analytics and device data can be viewed through one easy-to-use pane of glass and allow your IT team to foresee problems and solve before they arrive. It even has features that can handle your Windows patch management and remotely assist your users amongst others. There are three platforms to choose from to make sure you are getting the right level of management through the tool for your business, starting with Standard and moving up through Enhanced and Premium for an enhanced experience.

If you would like a free trial or to know more about the Device as a Service offering with Bechtle and establish how it could be valuable to your business, contact us today.

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*Dependent on manufacturer
**Features dependent on equipment manufacturer