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Purchase a Jabra PanaCast video solution and receive a Jabra Speak 710 free of charge.*

Introducing Jabra PanaCast.

With Jabra PanaCast, you can continue to hold video conferences even in small meeting rooms, while ensuring the necessary distance between participants. It’s all made possible by three built-in 13 megapixel cameras and patented real-time stitching technology that delivers a complete 180° view of the room.

Jabra PanaCast.

Mit der Jabra PanaCast können Sie auch in kleinen Besprechungsräumen weiterhin Videokonferenzen abhalten und gleichzeitig den erforderlichen Abstand zwischen den Teilnehmern sicherstellen. Möglich ist dies dank drei integrierter 13-Megapixel-Kameras und der patentierten EchtzeitStitching-Technologie, die eine komplette 180°-Ansicht des Raums liefern.





The Jabra Speak 710.

The professional speakerphone is the perfect complement to Jabra PanaCast and is easy to set up thanks to Plug and Play. Speak 710 is compatible with all leading UC platforms, can be connected via USB or Bluetooth and comes with a battery life of up to 15 hours. Communicate and collaborate more easily thanks to outstanding audio quality no matter where you are.

How to claim your free Jabra Speak 710.

  • The price on the Jabra PanaCast’s receipt must not exceed 500 euros.
  • The free Jabra Speak 710 must be requested within ten days of the invoice date by visiting
  • The name on the invoice must match with the name of the person making the request. 
  • Max. five free Jabra Speak 710s per request
  • Shipping for the Jabra Speak 710 is free of charge.
  • Cannot be combined with other price offers (e.g. project prices)

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    * Only applicable to purchases within the EU and Switzerland and while stocks last.