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It is clear to everyone that workplaces are changing and people are trying out new solutions all the time. 2020 was marked by the health crisis, which suddenly made working for home the norm. It  rove companies to speed up their digital transformation and provided an opportunity to consider new ways of organizing working methods in the medium and long term. That new organization is not expected to bring about a full return to the office, but rather a hybrid model, a cross between remote working, mobile working and work in the office, especially since remote working was very well taken up by employees in Europe.

Nevertheless, 2020 was truly a turning point: companies now face new challenges, as they need to make their employees more comfortable, collaborative and productive, whether in the office or out of it.

That requires the widespread application of good practices and the use of tools that help save time, and therefore promote efficiency.

Goal 1
Optimise your meetings

of the time spent in meetings is devoted to the achievement of previously set goals

Meetings - remote or in the office - take up time and can hinder productivity.
According to a study by Barco et Circle Research1, office employees attend
an average of 10 meetings a week, each lasting 48 minutes on average:
in other words, we spend the equivalent of a whole day in meetings every
week. Further, respondents found that 56% of the time spent briefing and
debriefing is wasted.

Goal 2
Reduce emails

of our working time is devoted to email.


In addition to spending almost one whole day in meetings every week, we
spend 28% of our working time on average on email3.
That is a lot, even too much, especially when our mailbox is not the only point
for receiving and sending information. With all the different tools used by
companies, that is even never the case.

Goal 3
Speed up transformation
€6.1 M

saved in three years by companies that have adopted Adobe Sign

Companies need to improve their working processes and adopt new
tools that foster efficient decision making in order to speed up the digital


Documents signed online with Adobe Sign
come back 28 times faster than printed
documents signed by hand

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