Barco ClickShare CSE-200+

Wireless collaboration solution for enterprise roll-outs

  • Up to 2 users on-screen
  • Share from laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Enhanced security features
  • Annotation, blackboarding and TouchBackTM support on a 4K canvas
  • Central management
  • Delivered with 2 Buttons



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Getting content from any laptop or mobile device to the central meeting room screen: that is the core functionality of ClickShare. But the CSE-200 offers more: it allows 2 users to share on screen simultaneously, and lets administrators manage the system from a remote location. This makes the CSE-200 perfect for large enterprise rollouts. Discover all about ClickShare and the CSE-200 in this video.


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Creativity boosts businesses. Enabling creative meetings, brainstorms and discussions enhance team collaboration and business outcomes. With the wireless collaboration solution, ClickShare, you bring effortless ideation and efficient collaboration in your enterprise.


Enriched sharing

The CSE-200+ offers interactive collaborative experiences for medium-sized meeting rooms. It allows up to 2 persons to share content simultaneously. Simply plug the ClickShare Button into a laptop and click to get the content on the meeting room screen. The ClickShare App gives you additional features for collaboration with laptops or mobile devices. Combining Button and App stands for an even richer content sharing in the meeting room.


Stimulate creativity in your entire enterprise

The CSE-200+ was designed for enterprise rollouts. It offers enhanced security features, full seamless network integration, ease-of-mind of central management. With full BYOD support, a HDMI input for legacy equipment for smooth switching between wired and wireless sources ,a wide range of interactivity features  like annotation, blackboarding and TouchBackTM support on a 4K canvas, the CSE-200+ encourages brainstorming and productivity in your enterprise.


10 reasons to have a CSE-200+ in your enterprise