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PowerEdge 14G Servers

14th Generation Designed To Deliver The Difference
The latest PowerEdge servers feature combines new technologies – to deliver the biggest set of platform advancements
in a decade. A new server investment will pay for itself in terms of increased productivity and IT agility.
Why choose PowerEdge 14G Servers?



Scalable Business Architecture

14g delivers new server technologies optimized to accelerate workloads – so customers can adapt quickly to address ever-evolving IT application landscape, workloads & business needs.



Intelligent Automation

Regardless of size the OpenManage portfolio of systems management allows every customer to tailor solutions for their environment – so they can streamline & automate to saving time & money.



Cyber Resiliency Architecture

Sophisticated security features embedded integrated protection to safeguard the server during its entire lifecycle.

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PowerEdge Tower Servers


Dell EMC PowerEdge tower servers offer powerful performance, versatility and quiet operations to users ranging
from small and home offices to data centers. Tower servers come in a wide range of sizes, from mini-towers to
rack-capable platforms.


Adapt to changing workloads with flexible expansion options. And with intelligent automation, you can empower
your team, freeing them from routine maintenance. Build a worry-free infrastructure with the PowerEdge tower
servers portfolio.








PowerEdge Rack Servers


Dell EMC PowerEdge rack servers help you build a modern infrastructure that minimizes IT challenges and drives
business success. Choose from a complete portfolio of 1-2- and-4 socket rack servers to deliver high core density
for your traditional applications, virtualization and cloud-native workloads.


Enhanced memory speeds, faster NVMe storage options* and BIOS tuning allows you match performance to your
workload for ultimate efficiency. Help customers take control of their IT lifecycle with intelligent automation, so
they can focus on moving their business forward.


Integrated security helps protect data centers from unauthorized changes and cyber-attacks. Future-proof
your customer’s data center with the worry-free PowerEdge rack portfolio.



PowerEdge C Series


Data centers are undergoing a transformation to meet the demands of the digital economy. Built for scale-out workloads like high
performancecomputing, deep learning and data analytics, Dell EMC PowerEdge C series platforms deliver the latest high speed
memory, fast NVMe storage and workload-based BIOS tuning.


Scale efficiently and predictably with flexible configurations and advanced connectivity options. Take advantage of new factory
integrated Direct Contact Liquid Cooling for improved power efficiency.* And with intelligent automation, you can empower your
team, freeing them from routine maintenance.













PowerEdge Modular Infrastructure


Dell EMC PowerEdge Modular Infrastructure is built from the ground up for the software defined data center. The
PowerEdge platform is designed to support the right balance of density, capacity, and flexibility to meet the needs
of both traditional and cloud-native workloads.


Customizable modules of compute, storage and networking are easily and rapidly scaled and managed. And
the OpenManage portfolio delivers innovative systems management that makes you more efficient and your
infrastructure more productive and reliable. Choose PowerEdge Modular Infrastructure for a worry free IT that
is secure and scalable - with no compromises.

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