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Dell large format displays for enterprise.

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Whatever your industry and company size.

Network. Present. Collaborate.

Interactive displays play a key role in meeting rooms—they offer real added value for the user with their versatile applications. Dell large format displays are specially designed for meeting and training rooms. Use them with the right software to facilitate real-time collaboration in conference rooms or presentations in front of an audience of thousands.


Everything you need to keep your audience captivated. Thanks to Dell’s open platform technology together with the hardware and software solutions from our technology partners, you can customise your display solution to perfectly match your needs. From wireless presentations to video conferences—Dell has the perfect solution for your requirements.

Tailor made for your space.

Small spaces

Small paces
and open areas.


Measuring less than 4.9 x 3.7 m;

Accommodating up to 5 people;

Displays of
139.7 cm (55") to 177.8 cm (70")



Medium spaces

Medium spaces.


Measuring less than 5.5 x 6 m;

Accommodating up to 14 people;

Displays of
203.2 cm (80") to 254 cm (100")



Small Spaces

Large rooms.


Measuring less than 6 x 6 m;

Accommodating up to 12 people;

Displays larger than
254 cm (100")




Easy to deploy,

use and manage.

Captivate your audience in your next presentation with crystal-clear images and outstanding collaboration features. Benefit from simple setup with practical connectivity and management features.


Brilliant images. FHD for standard quality or 4K resolution for detailed images.


Easy collaboration. Multiple users can write on the display at the same time and even delete content—either by touch or with the passive stylus featuring up to 20 touch points.


Software and hardware neutral. Use the PC and OS of your choice. No special software or calibration required. 


Remote management and control. Network management via RS232 and RJ45.


Features of Dell large format displays.

  • Touch (up to 20 touch points) or non-touch
  • 4K and FHD resolution
  • Dell OptiPlex Micro Form Factor PC for a top performance
  • Wireless display feature

Impressive pictures.

Impactful presentations.

Open platform.  Thanks to Dell open platform technology, the monitors can be quickly and easily set up in your existing rooms. You can continue using your existing hardware and software or use some of ours. Displays should fit the way your employees hold meetings, not the other way around.


Customisation options. Dell works with leading manufacturers to offer a variety of hardware and software technologies that make it easy for you to customise a display solution that meets the needs of each of your spaces, meaning you’re not paying for built-in features that you won’t use.


Service. Dell offers end-to-end services that help accelerate and simplify display setup. Experts deal with the entire process from helping you choose the right configuration to organising installation.


Support. Dell large format monitors come with a 3-year advanced exchange warranty to ensure you can easily get support. If needed, Dell sends you a replacement display on the next business day to ensure that your space stays ready-to-use at all times.


Modular solutions –

Perfectly complemented by

OptiPlex Micro PC.

Dell’s interactive large format displays feature a unique design lets you fit the optional Dell OptiPlex Micro PC seamlessly into the back without a separate power cable, creating an all-in-one solution that simplifies connectivity and supports annotation and management applications for meeting rooms.


Best presentation quality. 


With Dell interactive C8618QT and C5518QT 4K displays.

Dell 4K monitors with interactive touch screen: C8618QT and C5518QT. Seamless collaboration with a 4K touchscreen that’s designed for the job in either 139.7 cm (55") or 218.4 cm (86") format with outstanding image quality is sure to keep your audience’s attention. Consistent colours in a wide angle of view ensure that viewers in every space can enjoy crystal-clear text and brilliant, vivid images.



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C8618QT         C5518QT



Collaboration for all. Thanks to up to 20 touch points, multiple users can interact with the screen simultaneously via touch or styluses making group collaboration intuitive and seamless. Users working at different heights can use 4 settings on each side of the display to adjust image height to ensure comfortable access to their content.

Overview of Dell’s range of large format displays.
Interactive models.

Dell 86" 4K monitors with interactive touch screen.

Enjoy 4K resolution on a generous 217.4 cm (86") display, that features up to 20 interactive touch points you can operate with your finger or stylus. This display features a dedicated slot for an optional OptiPlex Micro PC, making for a neat and independent all-in-one solution.

  • Resolution: 4K
  • Touch screen: 20 touch points
  • Image size: 217.4 cm (86")
  • Duty cycle: 12/7
  • Monitor type: In-plane switching glass
  • Surface finish: Anti-glare, dirt-repellent



Dell interactive 70" conference room monitors.

Elevate your exchange of ideas with this generous interactive 176.5 cm (69.5")—a bright, anti-glare FHD screen with no annoying reflection ensures that you and your team can enjoy razor sharp images.

  • Resolution: Full HD
  • Touch screen: 10 touch points
  • Image size: 176.5 cm (69.5")
  • Duty cycle: 16/7
  • Monitor type: Vertical alignment glass
  • Surface finish: Anti-glare


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Dell 55" 4K monitors with interactive touch screen.

This 139.7 cm (55") display with up to 20 interactive touch points and 4K resolution is the ideal solution for small meeting rooms. This display features a dedicated slot for an optional OptiPlex Micro PC, making for a neat and independent all-in-one solution.

  • Resolution: 4K
  • Touch screen: 20 touch points
  • Image size: 139.7 cm (55") 
  • Duty cycle: 12/7
  • Monitor type: In-plane switching glass
  • Surface finish: Anti-glare, dirt-repellent


Non-interactive models.

Dell 55" 4K monitors with interactive touch screen.

Experience razor sharp text and images thanks to the 4K resolution of this large format monitor that’s optimised for text. The wide viewing angle of 178° lets you and your team see the tiniest details and vivid colours from anywhere in the room.

  • Resolution: 4K
  • Touch screen: no
  • Image size: 139.7 cm (55") 
  • Duty cycle: 12/7
  • Monitor type: Vertical alignment glass
  • Surface finish: Anti-glare