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Why Choose A Workstation? 


Ultimate Power Without The Limitations

Workstations are a key component within most creative industries providing the power and performance required,

without ever having to compromise on how you work to achieve this. 

Who would use a Workstation? 
Why Fujitsu?

Within the 82 years of Fujitsu's history in the IT industry, Fujitsu have also acquired 27 years of workstation experience. In fact, they are a top 4 global player. 

Fujitsu Reliability Promise

At Fujitsu, they develop their products to meet the highest standards in both quality and technology. Fujitsu are so sure of the excellence of CELSIUS Workstations that they have created the Reliability Promise: should a hardware defect covered by the Fujitsu Standard Warranty for your CELSIUS Workstation occur within one year of purchase, Fujitsu are offering customers a repair and full refund of the purchase price*.

(Note - Hard disk drives will not be included within the reliability promise and will be managed under standard warranty).


What makes Fujitsu workstations competitive?



  • High system quality
  • Experienced engineering
  • Manageability capabilities
  • ISV certifications 




  • Ergonomic and user-orientated design
  • Quiet systems
  • Long lifecycle


Environmentally friendly


  • Bulk-packaging
  • Technological innovations




  • Fujitsu are a pioneer of desktop and mobile workstations
  • Security (PalmSecure™, ATP)
  • Thermal management and cooling
 The top 3 reasons to choose a Workstation rather than a high-end PC



  • Processors: 
    Intel® Xeon™ single and dual-processor 
    Up to 2 x 28 cores 
    High frequencies (up to 4.20 GHz)
  • High-speed memory: DDR4 memory with up to 2,400 MHz
  • Professional graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA
  • Fast system I/O:  15k rpm and PCIe SSD NVMe drives
  • Workstation virtualisation



  • Workstation ISV certification
  • Server-class technology: i.e. RAID capable storage, SAS controller, ECC memory, Xeon processors
  • Form factor and power supply characteristics more conducive for high thermal and electrical demands
  • Long lifecycles of minimum 36 months
  • Support of 24/7 operation (business critical)



  • Maximum component selection (processors, graphics cards and hard drives) 
  • Graphics:
    Up to 3x graphics cards
    Full height graphics
    Optional configurable
  • Plentiful expansion bays
  • Support of compute cards
  • Windows® Server 2012 and Linux OS support
Who would use a Workstation? 
What are the specifications?
 These Workstations are VR ready too!



VR is now more recognised than ever within the creative world, helping architects see and edit their designs in a realistic scale long before they’re built. But with the latest wave of low-cost, high-fidelity VR, it’s now possible for firms of all sizes to get the benefits of virtual reality.


However, powering these VR experiences and design applications requires a workstation designed with virtual reality in mind. That's where Fujitsu Workstations come into a world of their own. With no compromise when it comes to professional Virtual Reality, you can enjoy a fully immersive, real-time experience with Fujitsu and NVIDIA.




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