Jabra and Barco. A unique, collaborative meeting experience.

Jabra PanaCast 50 video conferencing solutions and Barco ClickShare wireless presentation systems.


Transform any meeting room into a productive place for successful collaboration with the Barco ClickShare and Jabra PanaCast 50. The Jabra Videobar PanaCast 50 integrates seamlessly with the Barco ClickShare Conference and is therefore ready for immediate use. Start a meeting from your device using your preferred conference platform. All meeting participants – whether live or remote – can see and hear each other instantly thanks to our Plug and Play.


Simple installation and seamless commissioning thanks to Plug and Play.

ClickShare Conference connects instantly to the Jabra PanaCast 50 videobar and the monitor. Thanks to BYOM (bring your own meeting) – our tried-and-tested integration – you can start your meeting in seconds and connect with remote colleagues.


Flexible and completely independent.

The Jabra PanaCast 50 and Barco ClickShare solutions are fully compatible and can be used anywhere:

  • End devices (notebook or Mac)
  • UC platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, ...)
  • Monitors (LG, Sharp, ...)


Enhanced wireless video conferencing experience.

Provide remote users and on-site staff with an outstanding video conferencing experience by introducing the joint Jabra and Barco ClickShare Conference solution to your meeting rooms.


PanaCast 50 Features:

  • Jabra PanaCast captures everyone in the room in 4K resolution, thanks to its 180° panorama field of view.
  • Whiteboard sharing in real-time.
  • Contributes to personal safety with a warning system for anonymous recognition of max. number of people in room.
  • Natural conversations thanks to full duplex, noise cancellation and stereo sound.




Barco ClickShare Conference:

Barco ClickShare Conference enables seamless collaboration with all meeting participants and opens up BYOM in every meeting room.


Jabra Barco Meetinglösungen
Discover "Mix-and-Match" – The conferencing solution from Jabra and Barco.

The conferencing solution from Jabra and Barco for small to medium-sized rooms – tested for seamless collaboration.


USB peripherals:

USB Peripheriegeräte


Jabra Panacast 50


Wireless conferencing systems:

Schnurlose Konferenzsysteme


Conferencing + interactivity with ClickShare Conference CX-20, CX-30

Schnurlose Konferenzsysteme


CX-50 for premium collaboration

Communication platforms:


And many more

Connection options:

Schnurlose Präsentationssysteme

Plug and Play or ClickShare app

Full BYOD:

BYOD Protokolle

Wi-Fi, Airplay, GoogleCast, Miracast

The setup for your conference room.

A complete solution for small to medium-sized conference rooms.

Jabra and Barco ClickShare Conference solutions are used in all kinds of different room sizes. Read our tips on how to best place the equipment to achieve an optimal video conference for all participants.


Jabra Konferenzraum Setup
Try the Jabra PanaCast 50 & ClickShare Conference bundle for 30 days.

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