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The new standard for office headsets.

The New Standard of Future-Proof Headsets


Headsets engineered to transform concentration, collaboration and flexibility in the workplace. By blocking out more noise, providing better voice clarity, bringing distributed teams together, giving people the power to work from anywhere, and monitoring data to enable intelligent decision-making, the Evolve2 is the new standard to elevate office productivity to new heights. The headsets work with all leading UC platforms as well as pending certification for Microsoft Teams.

The Evolve2 range comes with a selection of fantastic features, including the ability to cancel up to 50% more noise through digital hybrid active noise cancellation. You can also expect 40% better transmitted audio, and twice the performance of the voice distractor solutions powered by 10 different microphones within the Evolve2 85. Other features include:
Monitoring and analytics


Evolve2 integrates with leading analytics and monitoring tools to help IT directors analyse the performance of all the headsets in their portfolio and identify the reason for any poor call quality.

Leading sound and performance


Supported by over 150 years of audio excellence, the Jabra headsets will feature state-of-the-art quality, with exceptional voice and audio quality for every use. Even in the noisiest environments, you’ll be able to hear everything clearly.

Advanced features


The products within the Evolve2 collection come with 360-degree visibility of the signature Jabra busy light on both ears to help prevent distractions when employees are doing their best to concentrate. The Jabra Sound+ app allows for a personalised audio experience when connecting to mobile devices.