Jabra Evolve2.

It’s not just new in every way. It’s the new standard.


It’s time for a better way of doing things; enter Evolve2. Jabra have re-engineered their world-leading Evolve Series in every single way, bringing you significant performance enhancements across the board. These are professional headsets, but not as you know them. Welcome to the new standard.


A new standard of noise isolation. A range of headsets designed to cancel 54% more of the noise around you from the moment you put them on1, thanks to a superior acoustic design and enhanced memory foam padding, with incredible Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)2 for an added concentration boost.


Guard your focus zone with an improved busylight. The new and improved busylight is now four times more visible5, allowing you to be seen from every angle, for even fewer interruptions. So you can work in peace.


Raising the bar for professional calls. Jabra took the incredible call performance of their world-leading Evolve Series and made it even better, featuring an advanced digital chipset with three times more computational power and the latest signal processing technology, for 97% less background conversation noise on your calls3


UC-certified means UC-satisfied. When collaboration is easy, everyone is happy, with both their Unified Communications (UC) platform and their headset. Each Evolve2 headset is UC-certified and available in a Microsoft Teams-certified variant, for truly seamless communication.


Amazing audio across the board. A range of professional headsets featuring powerful leak-tolerant 40mm speakers, along with an advanced digital chipset and the latest AAC codec4, for a richer audio experience and incredible call performance.


Comfort you can wear and wear. Designed using biometric measurements from hundreds of heads, for the ultimate all-day comfort, and finished using durable, premium materials. Comfort so good, you’ll barely even feel it.


Future-proof tech that gets better with age. Upgradeable platform that will add even more value to your investment with future firmware updates through Jabra Xpress.  

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Discover the Jabra Evolve2 range



Engineered to keep you focused.

The best headset for concentration and collaboration. 


  • Improved ANC and 360° busylight for concentration
  • 10 microphones for a superior call experience
  • Up to 37 hours of battery life
  • Hidden microphone that folds out when needed 


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The new standard for hybrid working.

World-class audio engineering for industry-leading call quality.


  • 8-mic beam-forming technology
  • Up to 36 hr single charge battery life
  • Adjustable Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation™ 


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Engineered to keep you agile.

Work anywhere with superior wireless audio performance. 


  • 3-microphone call technology
  • Noise-isolating design with improved 360° busylight for better concentration
  • Up to 37 hours of battery life 


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Engineered to keep you on task.

Exceptional audio, outstanding noise isolation, superior comfort.


  • 3-microphone call technology
  • Noise-isolating design with improved 360° busylight for better concentration
  • Available in USB-A or USB-C variants 


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Engineered to keep you productive.

Lightweight, portable, reliable, comfortable.


  • 2 microphone call technology
  • Gentle, lightweight comfort for all day productivity
  • Available in USB-A or USB-C variants 


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1 Refers to Evolve2 40 and Evolve2 65
2 See facts on
3 Based on Jabra calculations, compared to Evolve 80
4 Evolve2 85 only