Introducing Evolve2 75.

The new standard for hybrid working. World-class audio engineering for industry-leading call quality.


From the first call of the day to the last train home, this clever headset has been specifically engineered to keep you connected and productive, whatever the day throws at you. So, whether you’re dialling in from a noisy home, hot-desking in a shared workspace, or trying to concentrate in a busy open office, the Evolve2 75 is perfectly engineered for your needs.

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Jabra Evolve2 75 is the latest headset from the world-leading Evolve Series. It has been specifically engineered for hybrid working, to keep you connected and productive, everywhere you go.


  • Adjustable Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation™
  • 8-mic beam-forming technology
  • Hide-away microphone boom arm
  • Unique dual-foam design for all day comfort
  • Up to 36 hr single charge battery life
  • 40mm speakers
  • Integrated busylight
  • 30m wireless range
  • Integrated HearThrough button



Make yourself at home


Ready for a whole new standard of comfort? Jabra have created a revolutionary new dual-foam technology, with an ergonomic earcup design. Featuring a re-engineered leatherette ear cushion pattern for improved ventilation, it’ll keep you comfortable from the first call to the last.

Jabra engineers spent a lot of time examining different weights, consistencies and densities of memory foam to optimise audio performance, and they made an amazing comfort breakthrough at the same time.

By combining hard foam for the exterior and soft foam for the interior of the ear cushions, Jabra can deliver incredible noise isolation and the ultimate all-day comfort. So you get even better Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC) performance in a headset you can keep wearing as long as you like.

It’s time to settle into a whole new standard of comfort.

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Keep it professional


Because hybrid working can be noisy, Jabra have engineered Evolve2 75 with 8 strategically-placed microphones and Jabra’s advanced beamforming technology. So even when the kids are home, the train’s crowded or the office is a little busy, with Jabra’s world-leading call technology, they’ll hear you and not your surroundings.

Evolve2 75 meets Microsoft’s Open Office requirements, making it the ideal choice for busy open-plan workspaces.

Jabra’s advanced triple digital chipset powers a ground-breaking new Jabra algorithm, which improves the differentiation between voice and background noise to make your calls even sharper

Evolve2 75 keeps the background noise in the background – and off your calls.

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Concentration mode: activated.


Sometimes you have to take calls or find focus in less-than-ideal environments. But with Jabra’s fully adjustable Jabra Advanced Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC)™, you don’t need to worry about how (and where) you work. Use the Sound+ app to select your level of noise-cancellation, and let the advanced feedforward and feedback dual hybrid ANC do its thing to protect your focus.

From the train, to the street, to the café, to the airport and back to the office again.

Evolve2 75 is engineered to help you concentrate – wherever you are.


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