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Because everyone could use a personal assistant.

Take back your meetings. Combining innovative technology with personalized services, Lenovo ThinkSmart solutions will redefine your meeting space. Make collaboration more productive and more enjoyable with smart devices that enable greater efficiency and offer options to meet your needs. Flexible across platforms and room sizes, ThinkSmart devices are also enabled with ThinkShield, Lenovo’s industry-leading suite of security solutions, to keep your data safe and your privacy intact.

Why Workplace Efficiency Matters?
More than


50% of employees


expect to be working in a smart office in the next five years
More than


80% of millennials


said that workplace tech would have an influence when deciding to take a job
Half of all employees and


3 in 5 millennials


believe technology will make face-to-face conversation obsolete soon
More than


60% of millennials


would rather receive high-tech perks at work versus low-tech perks such as ping pong and free
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