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Touch control for the workplace, including video conferencing room solutions for Google, Microsoft, and Zoom.


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The Logitech® Tap touch-screen controller connects to any computer via USB, opening up new possibilities for applications like team collaboration, room automation, environmental control, and digital signage. Unlike AV controllers that require complex integration and installation, Logitech Tap offers plug-and-play connectivity as an additional display.
Boasting a crisp 10.1" touchscreen, low-profile and fan-free enclosure, and multiple mounting accessories, Logitech Tap delivers a sleek appearance and convenient placement options that support a wide range of room sizes and layouts.
Logitech Tap is designed for reliable performance in the workplace, with thoughtful features that deliver a great user experience. A range of mounts and the option to route cables out the back or from the bottom means you can deploy Tap at most any interior location.
Always-on readiness: The built-in motion sensor saves power when idle, and powers on when a person approaches.
Logitech Sync: Scale Made Simple
Sync is a modern, cloud-based platform that helps to monitor and manage a company’s Logitech video conferencing devices, and in the future, will provide insights about each meeting room.