Microsoft Windows 10.

More productivity, more security.

Windows 10 is broadly based on a familiar user interface and many innovative features and solutions. Intelligent security and simple updates relieve your IT department and enable flexible device management. Work more efficiently and effectively with the intuitive productivity tools.

Exploit the potential of the cloud. Simplifies management of modern IT device environments.

In our workshop, you’ll learn everything about the new features of Windows 10, modern deployment, the interplay with modern end devices and how they can help you and your company achieve more. Just get in touch. Our experts are happy to help.

Questions about Microsoft Windows 10?

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Intelligent security.

Windows 10 has been developed to be the most secure platform for enterprises. Managing several security solutions is difficult—with new and more complex threats. Today’s challenges require a different approach.



Threat protection.

Protect end points from cyber threats; detect advanced attacks and data protection breaches, automate reactions to security incidents and enhance your security situation with Advanced Defeat Protection (ATP) from Windows Defender.




Information protection.

Simple protection of data in standby and in use. Windows offers features you need to protect your data from accidental loss and unauthorised access.




Identity and access management.

Protect identities from Pass-the-Hash, Pass-the-Ticket and the theft of domain passwords to accelerate the secure development of your company.




Simplified updates.

Easily keep Windows 10 devices up-to-date and benefit from modern updates. Ensure that users are secure and productive with the latest updates. The IT department can easily manage updates via their own or the Microsoft infrastructure.




Windows 10 Editions.

Windows 10 Enterprise:

for enterprises with extensive security and IT management requirements.

Windows 10 Pro: a solid foundation for every enterprise.

Windows 10 S:

affordable and cloud-capable devices for employees in service and production.


Windows 10 for education.

The learning environment has a direct impact on learning outcomes, which is why it’s important that pupils and teachers are have the right solutions made available to them. Benefit from affordable conditions for educational institutions.