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With Office 365, employees can use Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook from the cloud. This system allows them to access their data from any location or device at any time – making meetings smarter and facilitating communication and co-operation.


Office 365 offers the benefit of a range of flexible licences. Office 365 subscriptions and user rights are ‘user-bound’ rather than being traditionally ‘device-bound’. This means that a user can utilise their licence on multiple devices. Microsoft offers Office 365 in a range of packages, providing a customised solution for every organisation. As a customer, you can determine what you want and what you need for maximum flexibility.


As a long-term partner of Microsoft, we are uniquely placed to work with you to identify the licence structure and subscription types that are most aligned with the ICT strategy of your organisation. Office 365 is a cloud product. As an added benefit, these licences also come with local user rights. We have provided the details of a selection number of Office 365 options below so that you can focus on your business:

Office ProPlus

Office ProPlus features all the Office applications you are familiar with from Office Professional. The main difference between Office ProPlus and Office Professional is the user rights. In Office ProPlus, the user rights are assigned to the user. The user can utilise the locally installed Office suite on five different computers. With OfficeProPlus, you can choose an automated network installation by your IT department, or ask users to install the software themselves from the Office portal. This approach allows you to decide what works best for your organisation.

Online Office 365 services

Create a flexible working environment for your employees by using on-premise server applications in the cloud. This option allows you to use Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Yammer in your own browser. With online Office 365 services, you determine which programs you use in the cloud and which programs run on your on-premise server, enabling you to save money on traditional licences, server management and server hardware. Get ready for the future and find out what online Office 365 services could mean for your organisation.

Office Enterprise and Office Business plans

Combine Office 365 applications and/or Office 365 online services in an attractively priced complete solution.