Many employees now work from home, and they should be able to have as much impact from their kitchen table as from their desks in the office. It’s no secret that business are struggling to keep communication consistent and make it easy to connect and collaborate without barriers. Have a chat with our Collaboration Experts and elevate the experience of WebEx Teams, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other meeting service seamlessly every time. No matter what size your conference room, or if it is at home or in the office, you demand exceptional quality—video and audio that makes it feel like you’re in the same room. Content sharing that makes collaboration possible no matter where your team is located. Technology that creates powerful connections—and just works. For the foreseeable future, where and how we work will continue to change. What will not change, however, is our need for human connection.

Poly Trio C60

Smart Conference phone for any meeting space.

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Poly Studio X30 / Poly Studio X50

Video Conferencing, meet radical simplicity. Get any small or medium room up and running in minutes, with a simple setup process and all-in-one design.

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Poly CCX 500

Simple, intuitive with Microsoft Teams build in. Easy for IT to manage with robust provisioning and management of telephony deployment and support.

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Poly room solutions for Microsoft Teams
(G10-T, G40-T, G80-T)


Poly room solution for Microsoft Teams delivers a clutter-free Microsoft Teams Rooms experience combined with powerful Poly audio and video for any size room.

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Barco ClickShare Conference (CX)

Not only your business has changed, the way you meet and collaborate has too. Want to find out how you can easily connect remote and on-site employees in hybrid meetings?

ClickShare Conference brings BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) and the simplicity of wireless for more effective, engaging video calls in your company.