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Maximise the Value for Your Headset Investment.

Add software that delivers insights.

Many businesses are making the move to unified communications platforms like Jabber or Skype for Business and supplying users with headsets to allow communication from PCs, notebooks, and mobile phones. A mobile first strategy like this lets users connect and collaborate from nearly anywhere, but how can you be sure everyone's getting the best experience?


Problems with audio quality, incompatibility, and incorrect configurations are just some of the issues that mean some users don’t fully embrace UC. Wouldn't it be great if you could pre-empt and resolve many issues before they arise, and proactively monitor and optimise your headsets so your whole organisation can get the maximum benefit from your investment?



Introducing Plantronics Manager Pro

Plantronics Manager Pro is a cloud-based platform that allows you to manage your entire, global inventory of Plantronics headsets.

Once deployed, PMP will automatically discover all the compatible headsets in your organisation and allow you to make configuration changes, gather usage data, update firmware, and more.


Simplify deployment

Deploy headsets to your users with the correct configuration as soon as they connect it to their PC, tablet, or phone. Plug and play simplicity will make sure all your colleagues are up and running with their new UC client and headset as quickly and easily as possible.


Optimise the user experience

Users often say that poor audio or complicated setup is the reason they don't use their UC client and headset. Manager Pro lets you update firmware, optimise settings, and troubleshoot remotely, so their headset will always deliver the best performance. You can even use it to setup volume limits and acoustic shock protection to make sure everyone is protected from hearing damage and your business is compliant with health and safety policy or lock-out user controls to prevent incorrect configuration.


Get valuable insights

The Manager Pro platform gathers data from all deployed Plantronics headsets. The software can show the firmware version of all connected headsets, the last time they were used, how long they're used for, wireless link quality, and more.
These reports will give you an unbeatable insight into adoption rates for your UC deployment, showing you who's using their headset, who's never connected it, and who is yet to make a call.

If you have any questions about Plantronics Manager Pro or to book your scoping call and trial licence, speak to your Bechtle account manager.