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Our working lives have undergone a fundamental change over the last few years…



The workplace is transforming - driven by the change in employee expectations, increasing digitalisation and globally-connected teams working in ever more complex environments.


Digitalisation has been changing the way people communicate with each other for many years. It's become the norm to exchange information via WhatsApp in both our business and private lives, and Skype has made long-distance video calls easier than ever before. We share status updates, photos and videos via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; publish our C.V. And build networks with business contacts old and new alike on LinkedIn. It doesn't matter where we are, which time zone we are in or which mobile device we use to access the World Wide Web, all aspects of our lives are digitally and globally connected.


What does the workplace of the future look like and how can today's products be used to make it a reality? How can you ensure that all your employees are optimally equipped? Let us show you how your future-oriented workplace could look with devices from Microsoft Surface and Plantronics:

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What kind of worker are you?
The flex worker

"I work in the office, at home and on the go, communicate in numerous ways and like to use the newest technologies."

This type of worker adapts to a variety of environments, and so is always changing.



  • Is affected by background noises during calls 
  • Communicates with colleagues wherever they are 
  • Misses out on important information because of their mobility

Suitable docking stations, Type Covers etc can be found under "Accessories"

The conventional office worker

"I work mostly at my workstation in the office and make calls via a classic desk phone or softphone".

This type of worker is based in the office, is extremely team-oriented and values a pleasant working environment. 



  • Generally works in open-plan offices
  • Spends most of the day at a desk
  • Constantly interrupted by colleagues
  • Needs to communicate seamlessly using a variety of devices.
The road warrior

"I work mainly on the go and spend more than 50 % of my working day out of the office".

A critical decision-maker. Goes wherever needed to solve problems. 



  • Needs to be connected all the time
  • Is difficult to understand as a mobile participant 
  • Distracted by background noise during calls

Suitable docking stations, Type Covers etc can be found under "Accessories"

The senior employee

"I work mainly in my personal office and I sometimes have business trips."

This type of worker needs powerful and reliable technology and must always be contactable. 



  • Communicates in a lot of different environments 
  • High-quality video conferences are important 
  • Needs devices that work every time, everywhere
Unlock the power of the group

Developed for all kinds of workers: Microsoft Surface Hub and Plantronics Calisto

  • Designed to make meetings efficient
  • Work on and share contents no matter where you are
  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Native Office integration
  • Multi-touch and multi-pen function


Connect individuals wherever they are to the digital Whiteboard and integrated conferencing and apps. Two sizes and flexible mounting configurations mean there’s a solution for your business.


Interested in Microsoft Hub? Then get in touch with us!


...and for meetings in larger rooms, just connect the Plantronics Calisto 620-M speakerphone with the Microsoft Hub and enjoy optimal voice and audio transmission from up to 15 m.


Why Microsoft and Plantronics?

The highly-integrated hardware solutions offered by this partnership unite people and technology making business more productive, efficient and independent. In a nutshell, devices from these market leaders:


  • Provide the necessary tools for effective work
  • Enable concentration, no matter where you are.