Work from home with Yealink Device Solutions
for Microsoft Teams under the New Normal

The global outbreak of coronavirus has affected the work and lives of millions. During this crisis, Yealink is working to provide you with a broad portfolio of voice and video device solutions for Microsoft Teams and support as much as possible, bringing dedicated home offices, remote workspaces and seamless Teams experience to every user. Together, we will get through this.

Work from home in personal workspace


For remote workers without a home office, Yealink provides a flexible and affordable voice and video device solution for Microsoft Teams. Whether when you work, study, teach from home or need telemedicine, you can enjoy the best Teams device solution from Yealink according to the particular demands.

Recommended devices: Yealink UH34/UH36 USB headset, Yealink UVC20/UVC30 USB camera, Yealink CP900/CP700 speakerphone

Work from home in dedicated executive rooms


For people that would like to upgrade the home office with better Teams experience like executives and professors, Yealink provides various video and voice device solutions for Microsoft Teams, turning your home office into a dedicated workspace.

Recommended devices: the WH66/WH67 wireless headset, Yealink UVC30 USB camera, Yealink UVC30-CP900 BYOD Meeting KIT, Yealink MP54 desk phone

“New Normals” 
What to do
when returning to office?


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