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Better meetings. Better results

Smarter meetings – Communicate efficiently with Plantronics headsets Plantronics.


of employees think that they spend too much time in meetings



of all meetings have at least one external participant



of conference calls are interrupted by background noise.



of employees believe that larger meetings are not very productive


Invest your most important asset in meetings: time.

37% of employees claim that they spend 11 to 30 hours per week in meetings - making meetings one of the largest investments for a company.


Meeting technology promotes productivity

  • Deciding to use meeting technology is only the first part of the solution. The second is to select the right audio tools.
  • An end to static meetings. Meetings today can take place virtually anywhere and at any time.
  • Virtual meetings can now be arranged as if everyone were sitting at the same table.
  • Plantronics offers an array of tools for holding meetings effectively, independent of location and without communication barriers.

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