Over the past few years, mobile devices have become our constant companions, and not just in our private lives. You as a company have almost certainly already provided your employees with smart devices such as smartphones and tablets for professional use. “Consumerisation of IT,” “bring your own device,” and “enterprise mobility” are no longer obscure phrases—but they do place you in a security conundrum. Because mobile working entails more than just working on a mobile device. Before you do anything else, you must decide on a concrete mobile strategy for your company. Existing strategies for desktop and notebook computers are usually insufficient for mobile devices, as mobile operating systems offer many more management options.


Which business processes should be made mobile? Can you buy an app for that in any of the app stores out there? Proprietarily developed applications that are tailored to your specific business processes increase your staff’s mobility and productivity for the long term.

Some business processes today are still carried out on pen and paper. Or they might be digitised, but incredibly cumbersome. Migrating such processes to professional, customised mobile apps can help you optimise your workflows. You’ll have to make decisions on a series of key topics, such as data privacy, usage agreements and training.


Not to mention the all-important issues of security and management. Mobile enterprise management (MEM) solutions let you inventory, manage and monitor your end devices through predefined security features. Detecting jailbreaks and blacklisting prohibited apps are as much a part of the functional scope of these solutions as providing configuration profiles and connecting to existing groupware systems are. VPN technology with certificate-based authentication provides secure access to your company’s resources.

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