Customer-focused advic.

In addition to featuring over 70,000 products in our online shop, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive services. Take advantage of our specialists' expert advice to get customised, vendor-neutral offers tailored to your specific requirements. Attractive leasing options and a convenient returns process complete our service.


Warranty upgrades to keep you on track.

Our online shop features trusted brands whose products often include various warranty options and extensions ranging from one to five years. On-site warranties ensure your equipment functions smoothly and properly over the long run, giving you peace of mind. Warranty upgrades and service packs are a worthwhile investment when purchasing new, high-quality hardware, as they can save you money and hassle in critical situations. Check out our offering of printer warranties and services and take advantage of our experts’ extensive knowledge.


Support and expertise for your printers.

Our Bechtle online shop features optional installation services for many of the print technologies we offer. Look for them in the printer warranties and services category. These services include incorporating new devices into your existing network and installing the corresponding drivers. And if you’ve chosen an innovative, relatively new technology, such as 3D printing, your employees will also receive introductory training. In addition, our offering includes special repair service packs that cover travel time, work time and any required replacement parts. It pays to check out the services and warranty upgrades in our Bechtle online shop when purchasing new technology for your business.