Project management and collaboration in software development.

Software project statistics tell a grim tale: roughly half of them run over budget or past their deadlines, and one in five aren’t even completed. Poor planning is often the primary culprit. Maybe you don’t have access to documented procedures, or the specifications you were given turn out to be inadequate, or perhaps you simply miscalculated and don't have enough resources available. Such issues can be countered with suitable project management and collaboration software. We carry specialised solutions from leading providers to help ensure your software development projects stay on track. Check them out at


Specialised programs for specific problems.

Software development is the joint effort of many parties. Ever-evolving features require constant changes to code that must then be integrated into the software. Once this process starts lagging, you run the risk of reaching the final due date without being able to test whether all your features function properly and interact as intended. Continuous integration (CI) into a shared repository is one way to keep this from occurring. CI is made possible by various solutions like JetBrains TeamCity and various solutions from Atlassian, such as JIRA. These also simplify agile software development frameworks like Scrum and DevOps. Discover the many products we offer in our Bechtle online shop, covering the full range of topics that come up in development project management.


A wide variety of providers and solutions.

Even software giant Microsoft offers excellent solutions for managing team-based software development projects. Its Team Foundation Server, available at, can be used by teams of all sizes, giving you a clear overview of your project’s progress and minimising the risk of data loss. Our expert project managers will be happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your software developers—maybe even for a project you’ve already got in the planning to begin soon.