The right tool for any purpose.

Are you looking for a way to save barcodes as an image file to embed in other documents? Do you want seamless images or specific fonts for your website? Or do you have a large software architecture project coming up that requires clear, professional guidance? Web development poses many types of challenges, but fortunately there are just as many tools available to help. Discover which ones can assist you in a specific task or guide you through the complex process of a custom project.


The foundation of value.

Most new products and business ideas are driven by existing components linked together in innovative ways. In other words, you’re not reinventing the wheel, just rearranging the spokes. In a corporate setting, for instance, each department focuses on its core competency. Developers create an ingenious new product that must be advertised in an equally ingenious way, which is where the marketing department unleashes its creativity. What’s the lesson here? Tapping the expertise of specialists improves efficiency. The same principle applies to specialised development tools focused on specific tasks, from utilities in your operating system to enterprise solutions for business and software engineering.


Our Bechtle online shop portfolio.

Our online shop carries over 70,000 products, so you’ll be sure to find exactly the tools you need. Sencha Animator, for instance, is useful for creating animated website components for  display in compatible mobile device browsers. Other tools allow you to embed barcodes in Excel, Word and other documents—and often this feature is already included in the standard edition. The different versions of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect will help you successfully implement system architecture projects. Explore our comprehensive selection of development tools at