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Unlike server virtualisation, application virtualisation doesn’t abstract an entire computer system. Instead, it isolates applications from the underlying operating system and makes them available to users in a virtual package. This approach to application deployment provides several benefits. You no longer have to install application software on each computer individually, as it’s now executed in a central environment and accessible to users to through a simple link. Another benefit is that, because virtual applications run in their own, isolated environments, file systems and registries are no longer encumbered.


Unrestricted data exchange between apps.

One of the disadvantages of application virtualisation is that it requires a stable network connection. If the connection isn’t functioning, the application can’t start. However, this is only a minor drawback, as most businesses make stable network connections a top priority. Nevertheless, Citrix XenApp offers a solution to circumvent this requirement, combining application hosting with streaming to end devices, thereby enabling both online and offline access. The solution also includes session virtualisation, which streams the application to a server. Users then interact remotely with the application on the server using their mice and keyboards. Another challenge posed by application virtualisation, in addition to the stable-network requirement, is that applications cannot interact with one another, since they’re isolated. This prevents any data from being exchanged between them.


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