Lexmark No. 35XL Ink 3-colour (18C0035E)

  • Manufacturer no.: 18C0035E
  • Bechtle no.: 330327
  • Product type: Ink
  • Printer manufacturer: Lexmark
  • Printer model: Z845, Z816, Z815, Z812, Z810, Z1420, Z1410, Z1400, Z1320, Z1310, Z1300, Z818, X2530, X2510, X2500, P6350, P6250, P6210, P4330, P4310, P915, P910, X5450, X5410, X4550, X4530, X3550, X3530, X5490, X5370, X5320, X5070, X2550, X5270, X5260, X5250, X5210, X3350, X3330, X3310, X8350, X8310, X7350, X7310, X7170, X5470, X5075, X5495, P450, P315, P4350
  • Manufacturing: OEM
  • Page yield: 450 pages


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Lexmark No. 35XL Ink 3-colour


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