IT in the classroom –
School for today's children.


Our society is changing—and so is how our children learn. What does a child need to know about the world today and how can we give them this information? How have learning situations changed and how can they be further developed? What technology do we have to support them and how can teachers start using these effectively now? The Digital Pact for Schools (DigitalPakt Schule) has breathed new life into a debate about timely digitalisation that was gridlocked for a long time. Education is moving like rarely before. Here we’ll introduce to you the biggest vendors and their solutions to employ in school and at home – get inspired!


Playful learning environments
for tomorrow's explorers.

A new generation of children is rushing through the school gates. Growing up with the benefits of digital media and experienced in how it works, they want to use these modern learning tools in the classroom, too. Collaborating is a given for them, as is time and location independent learning. They want to research and discover, get interactively involved and dictate their own learning rhythm. And this requires devices that work with their desire to research. For decades now, Apple has been committed to the interface between technology and the humanities and develops devices and user interfaces that support playful learning. Teaching staff can easily integrate products like the latest iPad or Apple Pencil into their lessons and awake pupils’ existing potential.




Microsoft Surface.
The Surface Go 2 supports pupils of all ages.

The new Surface Go 2 from Microsoft combines everything that pupils really need to complete tasks on time and efficiently. The slim 2-in-1 device is impressive in all application scenarios. Used as a tablet, pupils can take notes at a flash with the Surface Pen or sketch their own ideas. Used as a laptop with a custom adjustable stand lets you develop these ideas more or easily write longer texts. The slim device features an impressive, modern design, a vibrant 10.5" display, and last but not least weighs only 544g. The enhanced battery life of up to 10 hours lets children power through even the longest school day. And if the screen should go black, the Surface Go 2 with optional Surface Dock lets you charge it back up to 80 per cent in a break.



*Accessories sold separately.


As flexible as a child's imagination.

Both pupils and teachers alike value the versatility of the Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga. The device can be very easily switched between four different modes—laptop, tablet, tent, and stand—no other model is as flexible. Whether you're reading documents, jotting down thoughts, writing texts, watching educational videos, or presenting results, the Yoga optimally supports you in all scenarios. The current Intel Core i7 processor generation and a modern graphics card under the cutting-edge exterior ensures sufficient power—even for long sessions of marking, concentrated homework, or school. The Yoga sets a new standard in terms of flexibility and mobility in daily learning.




Maximum security for use in schools.

Protecting valuable classroom technology from all conceivable adversity—that’s Otterbox’s mission. The Colorado-based company was originally specialised in outdoor products and is familiar with all types of damage. Their robust cases and boxes offer effective protection against wet, drops, and unsteady children’s hands. Whether you simply want to protect a device or a whole classroom’s equipment, Otterbox provides the right accessories for a wide range of products from various vendors in the education sector. In order to prevent large or small blunders from hindering the knowledge transfer process, Bechtle offers our qualifying academic-sector customers professional products from Otterbox at special prices. Discover our special prices for all types of educational establishments.


discover now
The docking station that's a varied as school life.

The Triple Monitor 4K USB-C docking station from Startech.Com is not to be beaten any time soon. With five USB 3.0 ports, 60 W power delivery, and 4k 60 Hz DP + HDMI, this docking station is ready to handle everything the school day can throw at it. Whatever you want to connect up in the classroom or computer room, this docking station is ready. Three 4K screens can be linked via two DisplayPorts and a single HDMI port. Prefer a 5K screen? No problem! Thanks to power delivery, a connected laptop can both be charged and powered at the same time. And if you need to connect up a headset or microphone via the audio jack, the docking station is here for you. USB-C and four traditional USB connections round off the offering.