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Success stories of customers with future-proof IT.

Every customer is different and each solution distinct. But every single project is implemented with an entrepreneurial spirit that prioritises flexibility, cost consciousness and uncompromising quality. While they won’t mirror your exact circumstances, our references will provide inspiration and ideas for your own IT goals.

"This training, available across the board, covers all relevant software quickly and efficiently for a smooth IT transition supported by all our employees. And Bechtle’s instructor was very open and engaging, while the floorwalker was instrumental in keeping help desk calls down.”

Alfred Ritter

Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG is famous for its signature square chocolate bars wrapped in brightly coloured packaging and sold under the brand name Ritter Sport. Roughly 2.5 million of these melt-in-your-mouth temptations are shipped out daily from the company’s factory in Waldenbuch, Germany, which employees some 1,000 people. Promising “Quality. Chocolate. Squared.” on its packaging, the chocolatey treat is one of Germany’s most beloved brands.

“Our new network backbone and updated Cisco Unified Communications solution have put us in a prime position to meet the challenges of future site expansion. By choosing Bechtle, we knew we would receive the best solution available. The project was a resounding success for Tropical Islands, thanks to thorough preparation, an ideal testing arrangement, smooth migration during live operation, lower maintenance costs and better performance.“


Tropical Islands

Located just 60 kilometres south of Berlin, the holiday resort Tropical Islands opened its doors in late 2004 in the former Cargolifter Hall, which previously had been used for airship production. The resort—open 24 hours a day, 364 days a year—is set against a tropical backdrop featuring a waterpark, shopping boulevard, sauna and spa services, as well as several shows and other entertainment options. Overnight guests can stay in and around Tropical Islands on a camping ground, in rooms or lodges, or in holiday houses. To ensure an unforgettable visitor experience, this theme park requires continuous network availability and sufficiently high performance.

“Our bottom line for the new server and storage infrastructure was ‘Keep it simple.’ We now use only three types of servers at Pilatus, which has simplified our support and procurement processes significantly.”


High-flying Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus offers cutting-edge corporate and training aircraft. Mirroring its dynamic business, the company generates soaring volumes of data through new development and production applications—and therefore needed more adequate IT. As Pilatus’s existing servers and storage were reaching their limits, the aircraft manufacturer decided to replace its heterogeneous, performance-limiting infrastructure with a unified, forward-facing solution based on Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) products. This restored the company’s scope to manoeuvre and respond to changes on short notice.

“Our company is able to benefit from innovative Office 365 software, thanks in large part to Bechtle’s excellent support. We now have access to the entire Office suite on all end devices without any compatibility issues. This has not only improved everyday employee efficiency, but also simplified user management for our IT department.”

Werner & Mertz

Known for its cleaning and care products—Erdal, Frosch and tana—the innovative Werner & Mertz is well-established in Europe and Japan. Its iconic frog mascot has been on display at the company’s Mainz headquarters for 145 years. Supported by a strong family tradition, Werner & Mertz has become a European leader in specialised care products, attributing its success to an innovative spirit and long-standing ties with its home town. Through its products and initiatives, the manufacturer regularly brings fresh ideas to the market.

“Each employee and each activity at the Berner Group has its own hardware and software requirements. Against a backdrop of 9,000 employees in 25 countries, we had to find a way to satisfy these requirements in a centralised and unified manner. Bechtle’s experts not only had a fantastic solution, they also provided the client-management experience to implement it perfectly.”


Berner Group

The Berner Group currently employs around 9,000 people in some 60 companies located in 25 countries. Its various business units are all managed from the group’s headquarters in Künzelsau, Germany, including direct-to-customer sales of tools and consumables for skilled trades under the Berner brand, the Caramba Chemical Group, as well as building-industry specialist and direct marketer BTI. The headquarters also house an IT department responsible for technologically linking all of the group’s international subsidiaries.

“We wanted a Wi-Fi network that would be equally available in all of our stores and managed centrally. Bechtle was able to meet this goal, and we are very pleased with the result. Each of our stores now offers Wi-Fi for customers and staff, provided by a high-availability network that doesn’t require a controller. Bechtle truly found a smart solution for our needs!”

K&L Ruppert

In 1962, Karl Ruppert founded a men’s clothing shop in the Bavarian town of Weilheim. It quickly grew, attracting customers through attractive prices. Now known as K&L Ruppert, the family-owned, mid-sized clothing business has more than 60 stores in six (mostly southern) German states. Tradition and modernity go hand in hand for K&L Ruppert—and not just when it comes to fashion. The clothing retailer introduced its in-house IT back in 1974 and launched its first website in 1997, followed by an online shop in 2008. Its warehouse in Weilheim, featuring a cutting-edge logistics centre, sends merchandise to individual stores, where customers can shop for a wide range of athletic, business and casual wear and accessories, with collections changing ten times a year.

“We were impressed by Bechtle’s combination of efficient, central processes and ability to make adjustments quickly and easily.”


Miele sets the standard for durability, performance and user-friendliness—not to mention energy efficiency, design and service—for premium household appliances as well as business and medical-field solutions. One integral component underpinning its sustainability-focused product philosophy is the maintenance provided by its award-winning after-sales service teams. To ensure high service quality, Miele’s technicians need the right tools and replacement parts—but also mobile IT cases. And for many years, these cases have been supplied by Bechtle to sites across the globe.

“Bechtle supplied us with invaluable support for key components of our project, both as a procurement partner and as a skills provider. Our previously rewarding partnership in the traditional area of IT infrastructure paved the way for us to tackle this innovation with success.”

Renz Group

Rarely has there been a more aptly described “hidden champion” than Erwin Renz Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co KG. Both the main office and largest factory of Europe’s leading letter- and parcelbox manufacturer are located on the edge of the placid town of Kirchberg an der Murr, Germany. Visitors entering the foyer, which doubles as a showroom, are greeted with an extraordinary range of products, award-winning designs and meticulous details. It’s a display of consummate specialisation deep in the heart of the Schwabenland, as this region of Germany is affectionately known. The latest development in particular is something to write home about: a digitally controlled parcelbox cluster, complete with an app that provides residents of multi-flat houses with a simple way to receive and send parcels—regardless of which parcel service is used—and much more.

“Customer satisfaction is very important to us. That’s why we make every effort to ensure efficient, hassle-free communication between cinemagoers and our staff. Our new Cisco Unified Communications system guarantees that the right employees are always available to help. Bechtle provided us with the ideal components to meet both current and future requirements.”

CinemaxX Holdings

The CinemaxX Group operates 33 multiplex cinemas in Germany and Denmark with a total of 285 screens and some 73,000 seats. A pioneer in technical innovation, CinemaxX offers exceptional convenience and quality, thanks to sophisticated audio and video technology, oversized screens and comfortable, modern seating in stylish, air-conditioned theatres. After switching to digital 4K Ultra HD projection technology in mid-2013, each CinemaxX multiplex guarantees an unbeatable cinematic experience. In addition, digital technology has enabled the Group to consistently expand its diverse offering of non-film content for various target audiences.

“We were impressed with NetApp’s range of software from the start. These tools are extremely easy to use and incredibly reliable. We’re also very pleased with the support provided by Bechtle’s NetApp experts. It has truly been a great experience working with NetApp.”

Heidelberg Cement

HeidelbergCement is one of the world’s largest building materials companies. With the takeover of the Italian cement producer Italcementi, HeidelbergCement became the number one in aggregates production, number two in cement, and number three in ready-mixed concrete. Over 63,000 employees at more than 3,000 locations in some 60 countries spanning five continents fuel its success. Since 2010, HeidelbergCement has entrusted its data to NetApp solutions, with a focus on centralising and virtualising the system’s structure.

“While we were already impressed by the preparations leading up to the project, we were blown away by how perfectly this complex project was pulled off—on time and in budget—without interfering with running applications.”


Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG’s PistenBully snow groomers deliver powerful technology to get tough jobs done in difficult-to-access locations. But the iconic red PistenBully seen in ski regions everywhere isn’t the only implement Kässbohrer sells. As the leading supplier of all-terrain vehicles for the environment, nature and recreation, the group, based in Laupheim, Germany, also provides beach cleaners and track carriers.

“Our new data-centre solution, which we manage in house, has given us a future-ready online platform. Across-the-board virtualisation and fast network components enable the capacity required for peak loads. It also allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to new needs and requirements. With Bechtle as a reliable partner, we were able to implement this project quickly without any interruption to our operations.”

Lotto24 AG

Lotto24 is Germany’s leading state-licensed provider of online lotteries, offering a variety of products. Lotto24 has far outpaced the competition since its founding in 2010, boasting just shy of 900,000 registered customers. The Hamburg-based company has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the German stock exchange since 2012. As a fast-growing, service and customer-focused business, Lotto24 strives to offer an ultra-convenient, secure and contemporary gaming experience.