How do you make sure data is available 24/7?

Interview with Veeam’s Lodewijk van Klaveren

Carry on, no matter what. At Veeam it’s all about data management and business process continuity. We talked to Lodewijk van Klaveren, Manager Channels Benelux at Veeam, and John van Lith, Data Centre & Virtualisation Consultant at Bechtle, about how important data management is for businesses. Lodewijk van Klaveren: “Consider Veeam to be a type of insurance. We prevent your customers’ data from getting lost. Companies are increasingly working around the clock plus data volumes are constantly growing which make availability, backup and data recovery increasingly important.”



These days, data can be found everywhere and most of the time, we don’t really know where it is, but we know that it exists. This raises the question if it’s really important to know where exactly it is. Of course it is! Otherwise, it can’t be managed. Large businesses tend to select multi-cloud solutions, but they come with a product that manages data from a variety of sources. It’s also critical for businesses to be able to move data when they want to no matter if they are using an on-site, public cloud or hybrid solution.

Veeam’s strengths.

Founded in 2006. Veeam is a rapidly growing company that currently employs some 4,000 employees globally. Lodewijk van Klaveren: “Our focus on the backing up of virtualised environment data has made us what we are today. The software solutions we offer are reliable and simple, which is exactly what businesses are looking for—something we can clearly see in the 90% renewals we enjoy. We pay attention to what our partners and customers want to make sure we can add the features that really matter to our software. We recently, for example, introduced Veeam Backup Office 365.”


Continuous data protection.

Lodewijk van Klaveren: “At the start of the year, we defined five phases which we firmly believe will lead to the ultimate form of data management. The first two steps are backup and aggregation. Aggregation is the process of collecting data from different media and clouds and making a backup. The third step is all about transparency meaning knowing what comes from where and how the backup is structured. Once you have an overview, you can move on to the fourth step. Orchestration. Orchestration makes it possible to manage the whole data environment with a Single-Pane-of-Glass. The fifth and final step is automation or when the environment heals itself in case of an issue. We haven’t got this far yet, but that’s our goal. Continuous data protection means that a “living file” is created containing all replications (data that has been restored) and everything that goes with it, such as procedures. In case of an issue, this means that the IT department no longer have to search for what they have to do. Infrastructure changes are updated directly in the file and certain tasks are automated. Of course, we human beings should never stop thinking, but when we can come up with scripts for ever more tasks, we are taking a step forward every time.”

Bechtle partnership.

Lodewijk van Klaveren: “The ultimate partner for us is one that discusses its customers’ business processes, who works with the customer to determine which data is generated by these processes and is in a position to advise the customer on how to best protect this data. For us, Bechtle is the partner that supports its customers throughout the entire journey.

John van Lith, Data Centre & Virtualisation Consultant at Bechtle, is also delighted with the partnership. “Businesses often look for a solution to secure critical data or achieve higher availability of their environment. Veeam is a reliable provider of excellent cloud backup solutions that also offers a powerful combination of cloud and on-site technologies.



“Initial contact tends to be between the customer and the Bechtle account manager,” explains Van Lith. “The account manager in turn gives feedback to a Bechtle solution advisor and, depending on how complex the issue is, the advisor may involve a Bechtle business consultant. All the customer’s wishes, requirements and potential framework conditions are determined during these conversations. With this information in hand, a workshop can be organised in which as many stakeholders as possible are included so that the question can be approached from all possible angles before the most suitable solution is decided upon. We also have the option of implementing a Proof of Concept for the customer to demonstrate that the solution offered meets the customer’s expectations. The customer gets to know the solution during the test phase which can also be used to fine tune the solution. Don’t forget to consider the integration of certain applications that still need to be secured.”



We know from experience that every IT environment is different, which is why we offer a range of assessments and health checks for the different industries. These help your organisation to tackle issues with implementation and gain an insight into how you get even more out of your IT investments. Your Bechtle advisor is by your side during the entire process and also acts as a trusted advisor for the customer.

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John van Lith

Datacenter & Virtualisatie Consultant

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