Easy and flexible working with Apple

Employees work best when they have access to the best tools. 78% of millennials believe that they are more efficient when they are allowed to work with their preferred technologies. Three out of four employees choose an Apple device when asked to state a preference1

And with good reason as Apple devices are user-friendly and intuitive to boot. The Mac is also flexible and simple to integrate and roll out across existing environments.

Introducing the Apple M1 chip

Macs used to need several chips for the processor, I/O, security and storage in order to run properly, but with the M1 chip, all of these are combined into a system on a single chip (SoC) becoming a real game-changer in the world of IT.


Apple as a Service by Bechtle

Apple devices are a great investment for your business—not just for today’s employees, but also your IT department. Did you know that we also offer Apple products as Device as a Service (DaaS)? With DaaS by Bechtle, you don’t have to worry about making big investments, instead paying a fixed monthly fee per workstation or device , plus your IT department is relieved of device, lifecycle and incident management. Want to find out more about Device as a Service? Click on the button below. Maybe you’d like to more about iPhones as a Service? Get in touch with our expert who’ll be happy to tell you more about Mobility as a Service.

Choose Your Own Device – CYOD

What happens when you leave it up to your employees to decide which devices they want to work with? Apple commissioned Forrester Consulting to analyse seven enterprises to examine the total economic impact (TEI) of such a policy.

Employees were given the option of selecting a Mac and an evaluation of the devices’ technical deployment and implementation within the companies was also carried out. Key results:

  • The Mac is easier and quicker to deploy
  • Employees who use a Mac are more productive and require less IT support
  • Employee loyalty is higher among Mac users.

The benefits of working with Apple.

Employees work more productively as a Mac is easier to use and needs less IT support.


Apple helps you work more securely. Want to find out how? You can read all about it here.

Macs are easy to integrate into and roll out across existing environments. Implementation is simple, downtime is low, and the systems are ready to use out of the box.

Your employees can collaborate more effectively with a Mac, regardless of where they are. Did you know that Apple devices can be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft solutions such as Microsoft Teams? This not only enhances collaboration, but also boosts productivity.

Macs are more affordable. Although purchase prices for Apple devices tend to be higher, follow-up costs are lower and fewer software licences and virus protection software are needed than with PCs. If, however, you use Office 365 or also want to protect your network, you’ll have to spend a bit more. An Apple device’s high residual value is also something that should be considered, allowing you to trade in your mac for another device after a few years or choose to pay a lower monthly fee as part of Bechtle’s Device as a Servicesolution.

Apple devices are gentle on the environment. Apple does its bit towards environmental protection, foregoing harmful substances during production and keeping power consumption to a minimum. The company also recycles many of the materials used, including the aluminium.

Have questions? Get in touch with our experts.

Have questions about the M1 chip or specific Apple devices? Want to find out how Apple can help your employees work faster, more productively and securely?

Get in touch with our Apple experts for a consultation. Together, we’ll look into all the options available for your business.



Robin Denissen

Workspace Solution Advisor

+31 40 250 9043


Robin Denissen

Workspace Solution Advisor

+31 40 250 9043


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