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How easy would it be if you could use a secure, encrypted alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive, without making any concessions in terms of ease of use? Bechtle Secure Cloudshare is an easy way of sharing data using our private cloud without having to master any technical procedures – simple and easy! Your data is protected under strict European legislation.


Bechtle Secure Cloudshare allows you to set up an environment in which you can simply and safely share files in a matter of minutes. You create your own folder structure. In just a few steps, you invite your users and configure their permissions. You work from a clear and easy-to-use dashboard in which you manage the size of folders. Strict security settings ensure that your data is protected. BSC integrates with your Active Directory and Outlook, and the environment can be personalised.




Tim ter Haar

Cloud Consultant


T  +31 40 760 2868

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