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Why the public sector opts for the cloud.

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Cloud-based solutions are growing in popularity across all industries, including the public sector. Schools, government institutions and many other organisations have already embraced the benefits. The policy for working in the cloud in the public sector is made up of three pillars: data security, security in general and compliance. Our cloud consultants help you choose the right path in the cloud solutions landscape!



Tim ter Haar

Cloud Consultant


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Data security and security in general

How do you ensure that your data has been saved securely without having to make a major investment? Working in the cloud is the solution! Professional data centres for cloud storage and cloud applications are extremely well secured against break-ins and other serious risks. These centres use hardware and software of the very best quality (Enterprise products), and data is protected under strict European legislation. In short, cloud computing is reliable and secure.

Working in the cloud is a highly reliable solution that often greatly reduces costs.


If your school or other public institution has multiple branches, it’s good to know that working in the cloud facilitates co-operation between the different sites. This is because business applications are generally standardised when they switch to the cloud. Employees from different branches can use the cloud to work on the same documents, at the same time if necessary. They are also able to communicate with one another securely via a cloud platform such as Microsoft Skype for Business or Cisco Spark, wherever they are in the world.


Recently invested? You can still make the switch to the cloud!

Institutions that have recently invested in a local (on-premise) solution can still make the switch to the cloud. by opting for a hybrid cloud solution. A hybrid cloud solution is a combination of a local solution and the cloud. This means that existing solutions running locally do not have to be cast aside, enabling you to benefit from the latest cloud innovations right away while modernising your IT environment step by step.


To put it simply, compliance means satisfying set requirements; an important topic in the public sector. Want to find out more? If so, get in touch with our Business Solutions team today!

Return On Investment

Cloud solutions soon start paying for themselves. Rather than making a significant investment in a fixed contract, Bechtle cloud solutions are based on a scalable monthly subscription. Whether your organisation grows or scales down, your monthly subscription can be adjusted right away. So you only pay for what you need.

The online workplace – secure and reliable

In the cloud, you keep working in the same familiar environment you’re used to – but within a more reliable and more secure framework than that offered by your standard IT solution.


Want to find out more about working securely and reliably in the cloud? Download the Eshgro ISAE document for more information!