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Why production companies opt for the cloud.

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Why are more and more production companies making the switch to cloud computing? Real-time access to data and applications. Improved control. Reliable operating processes. Reduced costs. These are all benefits of the cloud compared with traditional, in-house (on-premise) solutions!


The cloud pays for itself with a higher return on investment (ROI): Rather than making a significant investment in a fixed contract, Bechtle cloud solutions are based on a flexible, scalable monthly subscription, significantly reducing the amount of non-transparent and unpredictable costs that companies are faced with.



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Cloud Consultant


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Share knowledge via the cloud

The ability to share knowledge and information in a production chain is becoming increasingly important, with many manufacturers and suppliers even viewing it as a game changer. This degree of co-operation means that organisations can bring innovative, affordable products to the market within shorter time frames. Cloud technology provides a simple and efficient way to exchange data. The entire production chain – from the very first link through to the last – is connected to form a new way to co-operate!

  • Shorter delivery times
  • Scalability benefits
  • Greater co-operation in the production chain
  • Stay ahead of innovations
  • Cost-saving

Working in the cloud brings great benefits in terms of scalability. Rather than having to build up your own secure IT solution, you use an external, professionally secured environment that you share with others. You also share the cost. So you have what you need without any added hassle.

Business intelligence via the cloud

Many manufacturers are using digital data analysis to make production processes more efficient or to develop new products. Analysing this data takes up a great deal of capacity within an IT infrastructure. Working in the cloud solves this problem: You only pay for the capacity you need, when you need it.


One of the main benefits of working in the cloud is that it doesn’t matter where you’re working and on what device. This flexibility can also be appealing to production companies. The cloud tools that you require to make quick business decisions are accessible everywhere, allowing you to respond rapidly to changing organisational needs.

Quality of company processes

Making the switch – even if you’ve already invested

Production companies that have recently invested in an on-premise ERP solution are still able to make the switch to the cloud. With the arrival of modern hybrid cloud solutions, you can immediately benefit from the latest innovations without having to entirely cast aside your existing solutions, enabling you to modernise your IT environment step by step.


Research has shown that companies that make extensive use of cloud technology across the world achieve 20% greater turnover growth than companies that do not (source: MKB Cloud Barometer 2015).

The online workplace – secure and reliable

In the cloud, you keep working in the same familiar environment you’re used to – but within a more reliable and more secure framework than that offered by your standard IT solution. Want to find out more about working securely and reliably in the cloud? Download the Eshgro ISAE document for more information!