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Azure is the Microsoft cloud computing platform that allows organisations to expand their IT infrastructure, adding value through automation. This platform does not need to be installed on user devices, but runs entirely online. Because Azure services are consistent across the world, Azure can be seamlessly integrated into the local IT environment of your organisation. Azure gives you the freedom to build applications and implement them using the tools of your choice; you can even opt for open-source technology.


We completely understand that switching to a cloud platform like Azure is a huge step for many organisations. Our solution advisers can guide you step by step through your initial explorations of the system or a partial or full migration to Azure.



Jos Willemsen

Software Solution Specialist


T +31 64 302 9541


Cloud services

Azure offers a wide range of cloud services for computing, storage, analytics and networking. As an organisation, you decide which applications you wish to use, develop or scale up or down. You can switch to a fully cloud-based service or transition to a hybrid environment – we’d be happy to advise you on the options.


Doing business securely

Azure provides managed cloud back-ups that store your data online. The integrated “Disaster Recovery” feature seamlessly restores automated services. Microsoft satisfies high compliance standards and holds a number of certifications, so you can rest assured that your organisation’s data will always be available when you need it.


Work flexibly

The flexible invoicing method means that your organisation only pays for what you use, and it is even easier to scale your solution up or down. This approach allows your business to respond to changes in the market with complete flexibility.


Be inspired by the freedom and flexibility Azure offers by signing up for the Microsoft Azure workshop.


Want to find out more about the Microsoft Azure platform? Contact your account manager.

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