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What is the best cloud solution for your organisation? We’ve explained the concepts of a public cloud, private cloud and the hybrid combination of the two below: Hybrid cloud.

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Public Cloud

A public cloud is a cloud that is completely open. The cloud provider makes the cloud available online. A major advantage of this option is that you only pay for the resources and services you actually use. The most widely known examples of public cloud services are Office 365, Dropbox and Hotmail. The provider of public cloud services ensures that there is sufficient capacity at all times. They are, however, free to select which servers or other resources they use to do this, which means that the provider can hire out part of the resources to one user while hiring another part out to somebody else.




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Private Cloud

A private cloud is an IT environment managed by your organisation. The IT environment consists of hardware, software and services. All of these components may be at your own location (on-premise) or housed in a data centre owned by a third party. Characteristics of a private cloud:


  • Private IT environment
  • Take full or partial control of management
  • Applications are supplied to users via a connection in the form of a VPN or online
  • The IT infrastructure, the software and the services can be invoiced per user or per company department with a budget or in a current account.


Hybrid Cloud

Increasing numbers of organisations are opting for a hybrid cloud solution, which is a combination of a private cloud and a public cloud. Critical systems and applications run in-house, on private servers. The less critical data and applications, such as Office 365, run in a public cloud environment. In short, you get the best of both worlds.


  • Cost-saving
  • Critical systems in private cloud
  • Less critical data/applications in public cloud



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