Bechtle: your strong partner for your end-to-end IT infrastructure

Software specialists Comsoft and Bechtle have been a single organisation since 1 January 2019. This way, hardware and software go hand in hand. Bechtle is still your strong partner for all your IT issues. We can now provide you with an even better service because we look at your needs from numerous perspectives and can transform them into operational solutions even more effectively.

Your IT expert for hardware and software

Scaling up means more benefits for you. Comsoft and Bechtle are part of Bechtle AG—Europe’s largest solutions seller. We do much more than just sell software and hardware—we offer end-to-end solutions tailored to your company.

What can Bechtle do for your company?
  • All the benefits of a large-account software reseller;
  • Software solutions tailored to your IT strategy;
  • Some 30 years of experience and expertise;
  • The ability to do business internationally;
  • Save time and money through compliance.

A few successful software solutions highlighted

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Do you sometimes struggle to keep track of all your software licences and different vendors? Would you prefer to have an overview on one platform?


Then look no further than the Bechtle Clouds Marketplace. Your one-stop-shop for software licences. Want to see for yourself how Bechtle Clouds works and what it can do for your organisation? Get in touch to organise an appointment that suits you!



CIE Workshop


Ever find yourself asking what tools can be used to make working together easier and quicker? Did you know that you don’t have to buy any advanced technology for this, but that the solution is often within reach?


Did you know that Microsoft 365 can help you? Sign up for the Bechtle’s practice-oriented CIE workshop now.