HPE Carepacks

Your server, storage and networking capability are parts of the IT infrastructure that you need to keep up and running at all times. To protect your systems, you can opt to upgrade the HPE manufacturer's warranty with HPE Foundation Care or HPE Proactive Care – to ensure that your organisation gets the very best service and the best technology.

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HPE Foundation Care Service

The HPE Foundation Care Service is a package of hardware and software services that maximise the availability of your IT systems. You can also choose between different service levels. Whether you opt for next business day or 24/7, there is an HPE Carepack to suit the needs of every organisation. Need help making a selection? Our experienced IT-Solutions team will be happy to assist.


Hardware Support

  • Remote problem diagnosis and support
  • On-site hardware support
  • Replacement parts and materials
  • Firmware updates *
  • Periodic maintenance *


For products qualifying for this service. Ask your account manager for further information on the full terms and conditions.

Software Support

  • Access to technical support
  • Licence to use software updates
  • Software support
  • Installation advice
  • Operational support
  • Software and documentation updates


HPE Proactive Care

The HPE Proactive Care Service offers all the advantages of HPE Foundation Care – and much more besides. The package provides proactive support to help you increase the return on your investment in a converged infrastructure.

Additional advantages
  • Problems are resolved even quicker with specially trained HPE solution specialists who manage incidents from beginning to end.
  • The service also includes software patching so that problems can be proactively prevented, for example by applying the latest firmware version recommendations *
  • Proactive scans to identify risks
  • Support from an HPE technical account manager who advises on:
    - Problems and risks
    - Recommendations from the Remote Support Technology system



    2. * To benefit from this facility, install Remote Support Technology from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Remote Support Technology offers service tools that link your HPE product to HPE, enabling you to use features such as HPE Insight Remote Support, HPE 3PAR StoreServ Remote Service and Support and HPE Direct Connect.