Work more productively with UC

Connect people using voice over IP, video calls, chat and digital spaces. By integrating the different types of communication, unified communications and collaboration (UC) adds a new dimension to the concept of ‘cooperation’.


Unified communication tools

Positive co-operation within a company helps employees to work more productively. But to co-operate effectively, you need the right tools, and one of these tools is a smartboard.


Productive co-operation with smartboards

Smartboards have long been an integral part of many meeting rooms, presentation halls and classrooms. The latest smartboards offer even more options, because they are connected to a brand new communication platform. This smart platform allows you to chat, make video calls, share documents, stream desktops and brainstorm together on the digital whiteboard, no matter whether you’re at your office, at home, or with a client on site – making it that little bit easier for your team to work together. Employee productivity improves and projects can be tackled more efficiently.


Support with projects

A smartboard allows teams to work on projects efficiently from any part of the world, using the very best communication tools.


  • Work together easily in a single environment
  • Chat/voice and video calls
  • Share documents
  • Desktop sharing and remote control


Bechtle is brand-independent and would be happy to provide further information on the use of smartboards and their accompanying communication platforms.


Ritesh Colijn

Solution Advisor


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