Meet our IT-Solutions team

From challenge to solution: A customised solution for every IT issue!


Our support services extend far beyond the supply of IT products. We can help with all your IT challenges, whether you want to expand your existing IT infrastructure or are looking for a new solution. From design and implementation to maintaining equipment, we’re on hand to provide you with professional, brand-independent advice and to guide you through the project.

Our Consultants and Advisors have experience with the challenges you face. They are aware of the latest trends and developments. And they know how that new technology can be used to put together the best IT solution for you. A solution that increases productivity while simplifying workflows.

Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch.







Robin van der Kuijl

HP workspace advisor


T  +31 40 250 9022

Dennis van Pinxten

Solution advisor workspace


T  +31 40 250 9047


Koen Buis

Workspace consultant


T  +31 40 760 2873


Ritesh Colijn

Teamleider connectivity & datacenter


T  +31 40 250 9048

Richard Snoeks

Consultant connectivity


T  +31 40 250 9046

Kevin van Houtum

Advisor connectivity


T  +31 40 250 9044


Bas Pootjes

Advisor connectivity


T  +31 40 760 2809


Sander Hermans

Datacenter advisor


T  +31 40 250 9017

Marlon de Beet

Datacenter consultant


T  +31 40 760 2811


Daan van Mol

Datacenter advisor


T +31 40 250 9049



Jos Willemsen

Teamleider Software & Workspace


T +31 40 760 2812



Tim ter Haar

Cloud consultant


T +31 40 760 2868



Gino van Essen

Cloud consultant


T +31 40 250 9045


Peter Berkers

Solution advisor


T +31 40 250 9019


Janneke Hoeben

IT asset management consultant


T +31 20 206 5390




Joris Rooijackers

Solution advisor security


T  +31 40 760 2813


Manager IT-Solutions



“Are you looking for advice relating to a specific IT sector? Our specialist IT-Solutions team will work with you to identify the best solution for your organisation!


As a value-added reseller, our aim is to provide you with a customised solution – and we can't do that alone. IT projects increasingly require a little more specialist knowledge, so we work closely with well-known service partners to ensure that the roll-out of complex infrastructures runs seamlessly. Over the years, we have built up a highly effective network of service partners, each with their own IT specialism. We cover everything from design, implementation and maintenance to renovation, in any IT field. We work with our IT partners to ensure that you don’t have to worry about your IT environment.


At Bechtle, our IT-Solutions team is our knowledge centre. Our team of consultants and solutions advisers help our customers with the most challenging IT issues. Meet our IT-Solutions team”.


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