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The CSP program is perfect for organisations that operate in a dynamic environment. As you buy the well-known Microsoft cloud services such as Office365, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Azure and Dynamics CRM online, directly from us, instead of from Microsoft, you can make changes monthly. This means you pay only for what you actually use – which often saves you money. We work with you to find the best package that fits with your company’s objectives.



Jos Willemsen

Software Solution Specialist


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If your organisation frequently employs agency workers, or often hosts temporary personnel and trainees, it is a good idea to have flexible Office subscriptions. The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program allows organisations to purchase Microsoft Cloud products – including Office 365, Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Windows 10 Enterprise – on the basis of a scalable monthly subscription.

Never overpay again

With its portfolio of cloud products, Microsoft is responding to the growing demand for flexibility. In the past, you could only buy these cloud products on an annual licence, but with the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) model you now enjoy greater licence flexibility. With CSP, you take out monthly subscriptions, enabling you to easily add and remove users each month. This means you will never pay too much again. We would be happy to explain the differences between the old licence structure and CSP.

More than just a licence solution

As well as licence solutions, we also offer support and advice, from one contact person you know and trust! This means you can contact us immediately when you encounter problems. Furthermore, our Microsoft licence specialist is always on hand to assist you and your organisation.


Does your organisation also have branch offices abroad? Or are you planning to expand internationally? If so, the CSP program is the perfect solution. You can include foreign branch offices in the same CSP agreement.