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    Efficient communication in this age of fragmented teams, remote working and agile projects is one of the greatest challenges facing companies. Employees need to be available at all times—both to their colleagues and their customers—no matter where they are or the device they are using. It also has to be possible to see who is available at which times. Collaboration  tools expand business communication and help ensure that all members of a team use the same file versions. Departmental silos and fragmented communications tools obstruct collaboration and coordination while inefficient internal communication undermines every project. Modern collaboration tools are therefore a crucial component of a digital transformation.  

    An overview of the benefits of more modern communications and collaboration solutions:

    More efficient ways of working and transparent communication.

    Easy sharing of knowledge and documents.

    Structured and fast collaboration on projects.

    People’s basic understanding of availability and Unified Communications (UC) revolves around the forwarding of calls to a landline number to a smartphone, and digital IP phones and softphones that allow calls to be answered from a notebook. However, these new tools offer so much more than that. Efficient communications solutions are not only important for companies that have a high volume of incoming calls. With the right groupware, IT can enable flexible, new working models, which ultimately means new forms of collaboration, enhanced productivity and improved employee morale. Modern groupware brings departments together and bridges the gulfs that previously existed.  

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    Modern technologies help you collaborate more productively and communicate more transparently not only between departments, but beyond company boundaries.

    Unified Communications - Collaboration tools for all your needs.

    In our everyday lives, we all use communications tools that are capable of more than those we use in the office. Every single instant messenger with integrated calling, video chats, file sharing and information regarding availability offers so much more than the majority of communications solutions in use in companies. But times are changing thanks to Bechtle’s modern communications solutions. Internal communication is so much more than phone calls and e-mails. Modern enterprise communication tools promote direct contact between employees due to increased availability. They also enable the integration of collaboration tools and office software. Why waste time on e-mails when you could be working on your projects? 

    What does Unified Communications stand for?

      A communications solution is unified when it allows a user to be reached no matter the device, enables more than one form of communication, and is available to all employees. This is the complete opposite of tools that are used in one department, but not in another. UCC breaks down these barriers.

    Being able to clearly see if a person is available or not by looking at their status in messenger also helps facilitate collaboration and enquiries. The benefit for the employee is that they can work uninterrupted when they need to.

    The second “C” in “UCC” stands for Collaboration and reflects the fact that teams aren’t only able to write messages, but also plan appointments and share files. They need to be able to work together no matter where they are. Integrating communication and productivity results in Unified Communication and Collaboration or UCC for short.

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    Thijs Stobbelaar 

    AV consultant

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    Thijs Stobbelaar 

    AV consultant

    T +31 40 250 9041

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