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GDPR and IT-infrastructure.

The visitor list at reception, a USB stick left lying around with customer files, an e-mail containing personal data: Employees aren’t often aware that they have caused a data leak. 

One single access: user-friendly and secure.

“Make information access as simple as a phone call”—the slogan used by Citrix a few years ago is as relevant today as it was then. Maybe even more so. 

GDPR: Start simple, go fast.

“Treat what you save with care”, is the mantra Paul van Noesel, Business Development Manager IT Security at Tech Data, shares with organisations. He is referring to the personal data businesses collect about customers and employees.

How important is the workstation for employees?

These days, the workstation is often a topic that comes up during interviews. Younger employees tend to know exactly what IT they want to have and businesses need to show flexibility to attract the top talent. 

Hardware and software are becoming more closely entwined.

The better hardware and software components are integrated in businesses, the more their IT can deliver.